I wish they sold a build kit

While I’m super interested in the Ardoboy for playing games, I really wish they sold a kit that would let you build it from scratch since the hardware is the coolest part IMO.

Does anyone have any helpful tutorials for custom builds they’ve done that are similar to the Arduboy?

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I’d like to offer a kit, but I do not want to offer customer support for a kit :sweat_smile:

This one is getting a little old as it doesn’t have the flash memory in it.

You’d add this:

And neither are a proper guide, there are a few on instructables and a few other websites. I’ve been meaning to put together instructions and have them on the front page… but other things are taking priority for a while.

Ha that’s fair enough. I’ll take a look around and see if I can track down some folks hacking something together.

There’s an entire category dedicated to custom-built Arduboy-compatible devices:

If you skim through you’re sure to find some diagrams and other useful information that would help you put something together.

Oh cool- thanks!

Also have a search for Arduboy on Hackster.io there are some cool builds over there.

Two important things for a custom build:

  • Make sure the MCU (Micro Conroller) is an Atmega32U4 and not an atmega328 (Nano)
  • Use a SPI display and not I2C (preferably a SSD1306 or SSD1309, SH1106 is also possible)

If you do prefere a complete kit then there are some clone kits available:

  • Keyestudio Gamepi - No soldering Kit just assembly.
  • microcade - soldering required, comes with all the tools needed.
  • 8BitCade (xl) - soldering required

Since these are unlicenced products, I can’t give any links.

Thank you! These were exactly the kind of kits I was hoping to find!

8bitcade not licensed or trademarked or technically affiliated with Arduboy in any way! But that’s fine!