I wouldn't like an Arduboy 2.0

Okay, so I was reading some “old” topics about Arduboy upgrades but I wouldn’t prefer a new Arduboy if you make more this one won’t be as special and unique and since it has limitations it can get you to think harder and maybe have you come up with creative ideas of how to get around these limitations plus if you make too many upgrades some people might not be able to catch up. If you ever do make an upgrade I would only want Bluetooth support allowing Bluetooth multiplayer, a little more memory to work with, and an Micro SD card in which users can save games on to and access them from the very Arduboy without have to go on you PC or Mac. All in all the Arduboy’s limitations are what makes it so special and give it that “feel”.


We hear you! SD card is probably coming first and then bluetooth. The challange of working with a limited system is lots of fun.

It’s still possible we will do color and more powerful version in the future but that is at the very earliest still a year off.

Stay tuned and of course always let us know what your ideas and thoughts are. We want to build the game system you want! :smile:

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Yeah, I love the tiny monochrome screen! The limitations make it a lot of fun to program, and demand extra creativity! Personally, I think the next step should be waterproofing it! :stuck_out_tongue:


@fuopy Yeah, that would be neat and handy! Maybe instead of a new system, a case of some sort?

Few levels of grey and a bigger squared screen also won’t hurt anybody :wink:

But I agree, part of the magic of Arduboy is working with a limited system. I wouldn’t like more than 200px or 2bit per pixel

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God yes, please give me a 2.5" 128x64 display - even if it’s no longer credit card sized. :slightly_smiling:

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Waterproof! Yes! I know this thing is going to go through the wash in my pants pocket someday… :-/


The Size are absolutly ok - but a color screen are be not bad.
It would be remember to Colecovision Games…

SD Card for bigger place for Games - no more wishes.

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