I wrote about my games in this french dev magazine

I was asked to write an article about my games and the open source consoles I use in the french magazine “Programmez!”. It is the winter 2022 special video games issue. I filled nine pages with text and pictures.
The devices are: Arduboy, Kitco, Gamebuino Meta, Pokitto,…
And the games are: “The Guy Who Never Complains”, “Frame Perfect” (linked to “Bip Bipbip”), “Cutie E”, “Square Nose”, “Square Nose Color”, “Dumbulance” and “Demon Girls”.
If you can’t buy the issue in a bookstore, it is possible to buy a pdf version in their website: https://www.programmez.com/

All these games are available here: JuiceLizard (Juice Lizard) · GitHub