[idea] A website with all arduboy games, any interest?

(Erwin) #5

Remember that the code of the website is here https://github.com/eried/ArduboyCollection/tree/master/.admin so you can make a fork that implements the ratings that uses a server component (the server is a mysql/php crappy subscription, so that is possible). Or just use the whole collection in another website

(Daniel Pelletier) #6

Wow ! thanks for that “Whole” link ! with that data, it would be super easy to build a data base with the ratings…
if somebody want to work on it I could help and offer the hosting


Perhaps it would be better if you ( @city41 ) went the fork route and then your contributions could be merged? Having two repo sites that are essentially the same feels redundant.

Hopefully if there’s ever and ardu2 some of the cash will go to an official repo with some sort of easy submittal process or forum scraper.

(Erwin) #8

Yeah basically I am fully open to any contribution for a feedback/rating system. In fact a lot of the content and site functionality is thanks to a bunch of gentlemen from here. But using the source is valid too.

(Matt) #9

I’m hesitant to fork eried’s site because to be honest, adding users, rating, etc would basically be a complete rewrite. The site as it stands now is template based and generates one index.html file. Which is a perfectly valid approach, don’t get me wrong. But adding user accounts, logging in through facebook, a database, etc, would be completely different.

If this was pursued, I’d also prefer to use something like Amazon’s AppSync, as then it’d only cost about $2/month to host the site instead of about $20ish with traditional style hosting.

I don’t want to step on any toes. Thanks for the feedback all, maybe I’ll back down on this one.


I hate making accounts, couldn’t there be an easier anonymous voting system? It’s not like it’s a hot topic some ones going to bot.

(Erwin) #11

I agree, it sounds like a gigantic task the way you describe it.

I also hate accounts but IP it is a bit too shitty (like your vote is not going to count if you are in a NAT, etc)

Anyway, I added a simple rating system, lets the voting begin!:

(Stephane C) #12

I like the rating you gave there! :wink:

(Matt) #13

No, it really wouldn’t be bad at all.

Nice! Problem solved :slight_smile: Looks good!

(Pharap) #14

I don’t know about other people, but I’m actually against a voting system.

It might be useful in some respects, but it might also demotivate the people who end up with hardly any downloads or who end up with a 0-star rating on a game they worked hard on.

Nobody wants to be the kid who never won any trophies or got any awards.

I second this. If accounts were needed then it should ideally tie in to our forum accounts.

In fact if the download system were a plugin for Discourse that would be a much better option,
but that would probably require cooperation from @bateske and some planning and learning.

(Erwin) #15

Well, integration was like 10 minutes. Removal is like 1, so if majority of people think it sucks then we just remove it. (we, because as I said, I am open to pull requests :stuck_out_tongue: )

I kinda like to have a way to label the masterpieces/really bad ones

Please vote here: Eried's Unofficial Repo :)

(Pharap) #16

I don’t know if people will see it if it’s buried at the bottom of another thread, but we’ll see how it goes.

Dark&Under: 5/5
Back to the Jungle: 0/5 :P

Seriously though, that’s my main concern:
people getting demotivated when their first ever game ends up with a really low rating because it’s badly made.
(I’ve still got the code for the first game I ever made and it’s absolutely terrible, but thank god I kept going.)

(Erwin) #17

I take it, just inverse it in my mind as: I was trying to make the baddest game that time. From my side is not going to prevent anyone to try my game, there is charm on bad games too and this is a: free, short Arduboy game (it is not like in NES era, in blockbuster [1] choosing your game for the weekend and being fu*ked by a deceiving cover art)

[1] Yeah, yeah, in the sophisticated/bbc/tea drinkking UK you probably said “the VHS [2] rental store that also has videogames”, not blockbuster. But you get the idea.

[2] You probably said “that standard for consumer-level analog video recording on tape cassettes”

(Pharap) #18

I’m not saying Back to theJungle is a bad game, it’s not. I’m just trying to make a point.

It’s easy to not get upset about a bad game if you’re already a good/experienced programmer,
but when someone is just starting out and then someone says “don’t play this piece of trash, the dev should be ashamed for making it”, that can have a really bad impact on someone’s confidence.
It could even make them give up and stop programming.

In my dull, grey backwater escuse-for-a-town (let’s just call it ‘chavland’ for short) there was only one video rental store that I’m aware of.
It was a Blockbuster and it didn’t do video games (as far as I’m aware).

Still though, nobody would have called it a Blockbuster if it wasn’t a Blockbuster.
That would be like saying “I’m going to Tesco” and then going to Aldi instread.

I’ve never called them anything but videos or tapes.

(I’ve also never even seen a Betamax tape in person.
I think I’ve seen a few Video 2000 tapes though, mostly used in camcorders.)

(Daniel Pelletier) #19

I know I am new here but don’t you think it would be possible as a distinction from other community to rate the games in a positive and constructive way instead of calling it piece of shit, state the good point an suggest thing to upgrade in the nex version…

I believe that someone who is starting in game making would needs this information to make better games.

moreover, you don’t always know who made the code. I ordered 2 arduboy to learn game making and optimized programming to my 10 year old son. I know he would be hurt if his first game is called piece of shit ( even if , let’s admit it, all the “first games” have to be it is part of the learning process.)

I know I must be an idealist but it would be nice to have a place where the games can be rated on their positive sides instead of their downsides. It would be encouraging for young and new dev.

there is always a way to say things…

(Pharap) #20

That doesn’t make your opinion any less valid than the ‘old’ users.

In general that’s what already happens here on the forums.
People release their games and you get a mixture of praise and suggestions.
If you look at the Games category that’s exactly what goes on.
I honestly don’t think anyone would say something like that here.

What I’m saying is that when you put numeric/star ratings on something,
that’s the sort of thing the game’s creator starts thinking in their head.
If your game has zero stars then nobody is going to tell you why,
so you think the worst and assume people hate it.

A soon as you put a number on game, you’re putting a value on it.
You’re showing people “this is how bad your game is compared to these other games”.

That’s what I think at least. Maybe I’m wrong?
(I’m just thinking about those people at school who got low grades and then resigned themselves to failure.)

Glad to hear it. I would have given anything to be able to write video games when I was that age.
I used to design them on paper,
but I didn’t have anyone to teach me about programming so I never got to implement any.
(At that point we didn’t even have the internet.)

(Also the Arduboy is cooler than a phone or a tablet. :P)

Like I said, I still have the first game I ever wrote, and it’s genuinely terrible.
(If it weren’t a piece of coursework I’d publish it for everyone to see.)

(Daniel Pelletier) #21

I know that, I ment that I don’t really know how people react … Are people more aggressive and inclined to bad comments or easy goning helpfull people. ( From what I saw I think the later )

Ok ! I understand what you mean… I was in the Idea of text review… but indeed if you only look at the star rating, it can be disapointing.

I have to admit that at that age, I only had a Atari 2600 and at the time I would have never tought that I would one day be able to learn how to program. Nowadays, kids are almost born with keyboards or game pad in their hands…

My son told me he wanted to be a sysadmin when he grows up ( Because it is what I do ) and I see too many sysadmins nowadays that don’t even know how to script anything… making games will be a good challenging way for him to learn to :
a) Plan what needs to be done
b) Make algorithms
c) learn how programing works
d) learn how computers works

I believe that being able to control what a computer do and react to event help us learn about the way the world around us works.

another plus ! It will help us bound on other things than computer games… ( I mean PLAYING ) :wink:

the only thing that I am unsure about is that we are french canadian so his english is really bad. but I intend to translate the " Making your first Arduboy game " for him… ( By the way, as I will be doing it anyway, would there be a good place here to put it once the translation is done ? )

(Pharap) #22

It depends where you go on the internet.
We’re quite lucky here, most people are nice.

It’s like why some people prefer books.
Often imagination is more fantastic than reality,
so imagined failure is more devastating than actual failure.

Sadly touch screens are taking over.
Sometimes I fear for the future of the keyboard and mouse.

Somehow I am unsurprised.

This reminds me of something Linus Torvalds once said:

I’m personally convinced that computer science has a lot in common with physics. Both are about how the world works at a rather fundamental level. The difference, of course, is that while in physics you’re supposed to figure out how the world is made up, in computer science you create the world. Within the confines of the computer, you’re the creator. You get to ultimately control everything that happens. If you’re good enough, you can be God. On a small scale.

Other people have said similar things about the relationship between computers and the natural world.
Like how Lindenmeyer systems can mimic tree growth.

Fortunately you’re not the only french-canadian on the forum.
There’s also at least 3-4 French speakers around.
(Regrettablement, mon francais est nul. :P)

From experience I would say that the majority of forum users have English as a second language.
(We’ve never done a poll to check though.)

(By the way, if you want something to play in French, I made a Minesweeper game that has many different languages available.)

Probably the Education/Guides category.

(Holmes) #23

crait.net/arduboy/ also has some games, including Circuit Dude.

(Kevin) #24

I want to put an emulator on the front page with all the games accessable. Basically what pico8 does.

The next step is making it so the emulator can compile and run in the cloud. Actually almost all of this toolchain exists because of all of the amazing arduboy fans and community, I just need to get off my ass and make it official and integrate it to the site.

I also would love to build an ios and android app, but theoretically these could just be wrappers for the site.