Idea for little integrated arduboy

Yes, it’s could be done maybe for 2020’s Christmas… :wink:

It’s E-Ink tho.

Playing a game on this would be seizure-inducing.

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As fun as the idea sounds, the buttons would be tiny so it might not be very practical.

RTC can be done as an external chip.
If there’s room on the board it can (theoretically) be bolted on.
(IANALEE: I am not a lawyer an electrical engineer.)

Actually, Arduboy as a watch. Is, not a bad idea.

Like literally, that’s a good idea. That’s better idea than Calculator.

Because, few buttons.

Only need to add RTC, change battery. Add strap.

But does it have bluetooth?

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Yes, its could be nice and it sue that arduboy watch would have good buttons (better than the watch showd in example of my link). bluetuth isn’t mandatory even be able to update games using it could be really great (as if it use wifi or any other way without wire, but even having to use a wire isn’t the most important. A good screen, good buttons and maybe sd card to have more games and a good looking case to have a good looking watch and it’s would be amazing.

No sd card, just the flash-mod to include all the games.

But, you really need 2 hands to play arduboy games, how can this even work?

on a watch, buttons are smaller (good but need to be smaller, else the watch will be too big…) so you have to use a finger for direction and another to push button A or B. You don’t have to use a hand to hold the console, so you have to replace the thumbs by annular a index. It’s should be fine if buttons are well places. (I don’t pretend that making it is easy, it’s a challenge but i know you like challenges :wink: )

Something like this with an accelerometer

You could have additional buttons and have it pop out like a pop swatch

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Yes, rectangle will be more adapted to be a little less big but yes, it’s the spirit

I’m guessing you have not seen this? (“more than 200 games to play”)

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I had not seen that, but, lol Squario looks familiar where have I seen that game before…

Yes, i haven’t seen this watch before but it’s the idea.
But to play, the control buttons for move and actions have to be under the screen as you’ll not move with your g-pad. I think you’ll not easily use side buttons. Else the watch is great and seems to be a very good project.

You may also want to have a read of this thread:

Which more or less proves that Ardubotch is possible.
(And we could do it more ethically than the Watch X group did.)

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yes, and make it more proper. it’s have to be a beautiful thing as we will wear it… The purpose isn’t to have a gadget but to have a good looking watch with the games and other apps od the arduboy (is important to have it to make our eggs fine… :smiley: )

It’s really close to being an amazing idea but the problem really is you need 2 hands to enjoy arduboy games. You can make apps specifically for the watch but, that’s pretty limited.

I could see this working if the watch was the same price as a normal Arduino maybe.

Personal I’d prefer to have the watch more like a screen than the whole thing. If you want to play on it you could connect an Arduboy on it as a controller? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yes it’s silly i know. But really, i don’t see any way it could work without an external controller if you want to play games on it. Using motion controller will get old fast.

I’m back on the open source graphing calculator bandwagon now.

You think that buttons like these ones couldn’t be a solution to do a control interface below the screen ?

maybe something like to have something like this at the end ( i hope i have place all important things…)



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