Idea: Package Manager For Arduboy

There should be a master game repo & page that has all of the games for folks to publish, explore and vote on. =)

Kinda like any “Package manager”

i’dd definitely have to agree to that idea, a lot of game loaders for the Arduboy have only a few games from a repo that they made themselves. I’dd love to see a standard one to be created where all the games are available.
(Somebody please make it happen :wink:)

The closest we have to a ‘standard’ repo system is, which I think is also the largest.

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In addition to voting, I would love to know how many people have downloaded a particular game (well my games in particular!) as it tells you how many people have downloaded it then voted and (just as important) how many people have downloaded and not bothered to vote.

However, to keep the games accessible the downloading should be kept anonymous.

I would love to k

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I’d rather have a REST API so you could upload with curl and/or have some clients that make it easier for less experienced users, and most importantly to encourage a variety of clients.

The Arduino IDE uses github repos with a specialised .json file describing the library.
(I know this because I’ve published an Arduino library, which sadly still only has one user that I’m aware of.)

This. Very much this.

While I’m not overly concerned about someone tracking which games I’ve grabbed a copy of, I like internet anonymity wherever possible.
The less info there is around for targetted-ad companies, the better.
(Even though in this case all they’d learn is that I love puzzles.)

They just don’t know what they are missing. I am thinking of making a Choplifter remake and will need FixedPoints to get the 'copter to accelerate smoothly.

Gotta finish Karateka first.
So many projects, so little time.

Anything to add to the list will help to justify the time spent making it.
(If it makes it to three projects I might even start maintaining a list.)

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True. I am all but finished the Karateka game but are waiting for the ATMLin2 library to be released. @JayGarcia has offered to help put a soundtrack together. Once done, I will see what memory is left over and this might allow me to add a credit screen or some other details. I am guessing it will leave approximately zero bytes and it will be released immediately after.

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