Idea: Project to increase Arduboy awareness and make Arduboy games more available

Hi there!
I’ve just arrived at the community this past month and, as i said before, i’m in love with the Arduboy. Though sometimes i feel im late to the party.
I might not have the context, but i’ve just now got to know that Team ARG is no more, and some other things seems to be ceased, like the Arduboy Magazine.
If I’m mistaken in this assumption, please enlighten me since i don’t have the context.

So i’ve had this idea and i don’t know if it was suggested before or if even it’s allowed.
The idea is to allow developers to export their games to other platforms (eg. Desktop/Mobile) and make it able to be played there, with a good experience.

The other way was to create a mobile app that would house many games, and allow the user to play them, as if it was a “Mini VideoGame Emulator”, but i don’t know how Apple would like this though.

The ultimate objective is to enable devs to make their games available in more places and improve Arduboy’s public awareness.

I’ve sketched some mocks to better explain the idea:

The app would be available on the device home screen

Here are two examples of how the layout could work

And this one is of the “Mini VideoGame Emulator” idea.

I know that the games are already playable on the browser, even on mobile, but i think the experience could be improved. even as a web app.

I’ve already talked with @FManga and he’s ok with the idea. I think the sound in emulator doesn’t work yet, so that’s an area i would need to look into.
That’s it, i’ll be pleased to hear any feedback

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I’ve got a feeling that desktop can already be done somehow.
For one thing there’s the option of just using ProjectABE offline.

Creating desktop and mobile executables presents a new problem though: the potential for abuse (e.g. viruses) increases somewhat.

I’m almost certain that someone already made a program for Android that can play Arduboy games, but I don’t know the specifics of it.

I’m aware of that app. I was just suggesting doing it in a more streamlined, beautiful way.

I would use ProjectABE for that purpose exactly

I’m also late to the party, and while this is a cool idea, wouldn’t it be sort of voiding the entire concept of having the Arduboy as a piece of hardware at all?

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Those are one of my fears too, but I don’t know how to better promote the Arduboy

It sort of depends whether you see the Arduboy as a piece of equipment that funds this site or an eco-system that keeps us all engaged. @bateske allows and even encourages people to discuss non-commercial clones and variants that expand on the original Arduboy concept. I would imagine with the wealth of games available on mobile phones that the people who are interested in playing Arduboy games on their phones are already involved in the Arduboy environment.

yes but can be a good idea to play multplayers games on Arduboy with add of a wifi hardware add on, maybe ?