I'm doing this wrong - Game Loading

I have no idea what I am doing wrong to install games, but everything either wont install or when it does, it’s all over the place when I go to play it.
Can someone please please give me a very simpleton way of explaining what I need to do to get games working on this thing?

Can you explain what method you are using?

Are you using the Arduboy Manager or Erwin’s loader? Are you compiling the games yourself?

What do you mean by ‘all over the place’?

Hey simon, i got it going after many tries.
The all over the place was it was putting the game on there but when turned on whatever it was trying to show was broken and literally scroling by like the matrix? If that makes sense, i think just corrupted.
But it seems to be working now.
Thank you

I sometimes get garbage on the screen if I use the Arduboy while it is still plugged into the computer via the USB cable. I never get it any other time.

Glad you got it going!

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This is typically an issue when compiling games with older library files.

Glad you got it working!


I honestly thought i was the only person who was having this issue. :smiley:

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This could possibly be due to running the display out of spec. The display has an “absolute maximum” rating for supply voltage of 4V, with the recommended maximum being 3.3V. The display (and processor) is powered directly from the battery and can reach 4.2V when charging via USB. When disconnected from USB the battery will quickly settle below 4V.

Because of this, I try to power on my Arduoby as little as possible while connected to USB (only when uploading a sketch).

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I have no problems with Arduboy hooked to USB port for longer perriods of time. Only once in a while when I disconnect I get some screen corruption. I blame it on stray currents as my PC is not properly grounded.

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I only get the garbage on the screen if I handle the Arduboy while connected to USB. My development Arduboy is pretty much always connected to the USB.

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The USB garbage, is this on mac only perhaps?

Well it certainly happens on myy iMac but I must day I haven’t noticed it on the Windows machine I have. I will test it later.

Mine was on a pc. (Asus lappy)

I think it happens when the usb connector is not reliable. I noticed the same thing sometimes with crappy cables

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I’m using a Windows desktop PC. I didn’t have it occure often. maybe two or three times since I got my Arduboy in september

I’ve certainly seen the glitch happen but maybe only a couple times. If anyone can isolate the issue and make it happen repeatedly I’d be interested to know.

In addition to the failure mode @MLXXXp has mentioned about voltage (I’m not sure this is it) I’m actually wondering if it might be the usb stack maxing out the processor for a moment and pulling our refresh out of sync.

Data to the display is clocked by the processor. If a USB or other interrupt causes a delay in the display refresh code, it will just delay the clock. This shouldn’t cause sync issues.

However, missing or added clock pulses, due to electrical noise , etc. could very likely cause display scrambling.

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