I'm new and i would like to make cool stuff

Hello people from this community, my name is Paulo but you can call me BLAKA, I’m a brazilian man.
I kinda always keep my eye for arduboy related stuff, cuz i really enjoy games, handhelds, arduino and opensource stuff.
Sadly i never got my hands on a true arduboy, in the past i have made one bootleg arduboy but it was not that great (its broken now) But i brought one of those arduboy “knockoffs” from " Keyestudio". It’s much better than my old one.

Now i created this post cuz after i got this handheld, i have a simple idea : I COULD MAKE LITTLE SKINS FOR IT USING THE POWER OF ART AND STICKERS

(this was the end result of 2 hours of planning)

Soo anyone else got this little console? Do u like it? If yes, do u have any neat idea for a skin? I wanna know, cuz i want to make more skins hahahaha


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Lol bootleg star