Image on screen glitchy and moves around, not stable

Hey, new at the hobby. I’m getting this screen issue where the image is never stable. I’m working with SPI SSD1306 off a Pro Micro using Mr.Blinky’s homemade package and running arduboy2 example sketches. Here’s pictures of it trying to run breakout. The red led also doesn’t seem to want to work either, not sure if that’s relevant. Any ideas on what I should do?

Most likely there is a mistake in the display wiring (CS/DC/RST)

What wiring scheme do you use and what settings do you use in the Arduino IDE ?

On the red LED is anone connected to VCC ? or did you swap annode and cathode (flat side) ?

I used the wiring scheme that was on your github, but I most likely read it wrong since my screen is labeled differently from others I’ve seen. Right now this is the screen wiring:

gnd - gnd
vdd - vcc
sck - 15
sda - 16
res - 6
dc - 4
cs - 2

for the LED’s I think I also read that wrong, haha. Right now the red LED is in 10 and blue in 9, but is this wiring for RGB LED’s specifically?

There’s your problem. With standard wiring you should connect CS to GND as d12 is not available on a ProMicro.

That’s as it should be. Just make sure a resistor is connected to each pin and the other side of the resistor is connected to the cathode (flat side) of the LEDs and the LEDs anodes are connected to Vcc

I moved CS to GND but the screen continues to have the same issue. Here’s my IDE settings:
Screenshot 2023-04-25 183255

You might want to try changing flash select to “original.” “official” never seems to work—at least for me.

Tried switching it to original, still has the same issues.

It might just be the fact that you’re using a solderless breadboard and your wires are too long, causing too much electrical noise or capacitance on the display signals. I’d try moving the display close to the Pro Micro and using custom solid wires cut and stripped to the minimum length possible.

For example, here’s how I do breadboard wiring:

I got some more wires on the way since it’s been difficult to find the connections like this, hopefully it’ll fix the issue as well! I’ll update when I get it done.

IDE Settings are OK.

With the issue not resolved yet, I recommend to check the breadboard wiring. breadboards can have poor or bad connections sometimes.

Looking at your breadboard image again, I wonder if you have connected GND (and Vcc) to both left / and right power rails at the top as they are not connected (blue/red line at left is not internally connected to blue/red line at right)

Figure 1: How the holes in a breadboard are connected electrically

(image source)

Oh my god I can’t believe this was it lol. Thank you, I’m amazed you saw that through this mess.

First, I would recommend making sure the screen is properly connected to the board and checking all wires for short circuits or breaks. You should also check the power supply and make sure that it is stable and meets the requirements of the screen. If the problem persists, the next step may be to check the compatibility of the libraries and code. Make sure that the libraries you are using are compatible with your version of the Arduino IDE, and try using other sample sketches to see if the screen works correctly.