Imitation NES circus game

ARDUBOY.hex (28.1 KB)

The source code

2019/4/29 Update: Let the game easy


Well done!

A question for you: you are using drawSlowXYBitmap() which I have never seen anyone use before. What are you using to calculate the graphic data?
Throw the BMP inside and you’re done

Right …

The other draw…() functions in the Arduboy2 and Sprites libraries all use a different format where the pixels run top to bottom, then left to right. They are much faster than the method you used but it doesn’t seem to matter for your game. They also provide masking options so you would not get the white sections around the lion’s tale and feet.

I used to play Circus Charlie in the arcade :+1:t2:

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This is very hard… How do I play?

I agree, this game is very hard I haven’t been able to get past the first ring of fire!

When you are very close to the first circle of fire, step back a certain distance and then jump forward. I admit that the difficulty of the first big jump is a little unreasonable. I’m sorry.

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I accept your apologies.

I changed it. It should be much easier now :slight_smile:

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