Improved horizontal version of Arduboy FX

a slightly modified (reduced), but recognizable version of ArduboyFX with the possibility of hot-swapping external spi flash memory w25q128 control using joy-pad
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key version console…
2022-02-25_14-15-05 (video test)
BOM_PCB_GameConsole_ARDUGAME_v1.1_2022-02-17.csv — Яндекс.Диск (BOM)


Looks good. How is it different to say an 8BitCade?

In the first two images of the finished unit, how is it being powered?

Are you planning on making these to sell?

the console was developed in CAD EasyEDA. Powered by LiPo 100-120mAh under the OLED screen on a thin double-sided tape. I put together a test version of the device, it works flawlessly for two weeks. I haven’t thought about selling yet, but nothing is impossible!) welcome!

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I would buy one!

in a good way, you need to develop a case in SolidWorks or a similar CAD complex, then the product will look more attractive, respectively, and the price). But I can send the fee without the fixed parts and you can try to assemble it yourself, how do you like it? or do you need a ready-made device in an already assembled form?
The board has been slightly modified on the electrical part, since in the first version I made a mistake when wiring the power bus for attiny85 (modchip), I have already corrected everything and am waiting for the updated boards to arrive for verification. If you want to assemble this device or that I would assemble it, then you will have to wait a little. Thank you for your time!

Why did you even include the modchip? Once the bootloader is flashed into the 32U4, the modchip is never used again. The production Arduboy FX doesn’t include the modchip.

Yes, that’s right you say, but somehow you feel “protected” with him, besides, you can blow him away at any time if he starts to make an eye. in general, there is nothing to worry about, Mr.Blinky will support me)
p.s. if you need a BOM file, I can attach it

Thanks for 8BitCade tutorial)

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This look awesome!!! I’d be up to buy one as well (and even help create a custom Dark And Under shell if that’s possible!)

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Thanks! Did I appreciate your sarcasm or is it the difficulty of translation…? (on 5 photo in this topic Game - “Dark and Under”) :wink: Yes, while the console is being tested, but after two weeks, as I wrote above, it is still perfectly functional, I think we will have to admit that the console is ready for long-term operation. But there are difficulties with the delivery of new boards from a manufacturer from China and they will have to wait at least 2 weeks, then assembly 1-2 days and testing 1-2 days, then sending to customers takes more than a month of waiting, but patience pays off… And about the case…it will not be superfluous and if you undertake to do it, it will be the best reward for you and subsequent users of this wonderful game console. With best wishes!

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Not speaking russian, I’m not sure if my comment came across as “sarcastic” or not, but it was not the intention :slight_smile:

  • I’m genuinely interested contributing to a “Dark and Under” branded case if it’s an option…
  • I have all the time in the world: I’m pretty busy with my VR projects, so this can take a backseat and wait that the supply chain shortages get resolved… I’ll need some guidance, but I’m sure we can build something that will look great and premium!

microArduGAME FX is coming soon…one micro device for 0.96" screen and a second one for 1,3"


Nice idea.

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yep…and thank you too for the implemented idea of using spi flash…this is just the beginning of all the most delicious things ahead…

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Hi there! I will create a new topic a little later, but for now here… Yes, it has become smaller(35x51) motherboard have 4 layers, everything works normally, but there is a small bug (the power toggle switch is not turned on correctly, but everything is fixable as always, a thin wiring solved the problem :)), which I missed when designing the printed circuit board, since I designed at night (please do not kick with your feet :)). The rest of the console turned out to be super compact, I plan to fix bugs in the next version and make a version with micro buttons instead of a joystick, and will change audio3,5mm on 2,5mm what would be even thinner. Thank you!
Best regards!


Nice compact design. I like how the flash chip is in the ‘belly’ of the handheld :slight_smile:
The buttons are a bit close to the bottom edge. I’m wondering is it still convenient to hold and play?

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Thanks! Due to the protruding parts, it is a little unusual to hold the bottom, if there was a case, then it would be more comfortable due to the smoothed corners. imho

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What kind of crazy package is that flash chip! Nice job looks very compact!


Looks like a zif socket for the standard soic package the flash chips come in

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Oh snap can release actual carts on lil jellbeans hah