Improved horizontal version of Arduboy FX

fixed…work fine now…type-c with strapping to support an analog headset…have a nice day


I collected a couple of pieces, one fx-16mb, the second 32mb with fm modules rda5807…they work perfectly…I can send for a trial who is the first? (:


Me, me, me!

I’m first.

The game looks great, I should try it!


ок! booked…:slight_smile:
there was one left…who’s next?

Me Me Me, Me Too!


Ar they the same other than one has a ghost on it? That better go to @Mr.Blinky

:slight_smile: ок!

they differ only in the logo and the difference in the 16mb and 32mb memory chips and the audio connector in general, there are minimal differences in the circuitry…

This is really cool! And I just have to say, this community is awesome. :grin:

Keep up the good work!

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Now I know why there where so many things too fix :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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Very slick looking!

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most importantly - it can be yours! :wink:

Wow nice job! I was too slow😉

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Thank you! I’ll do some more later. :slight_smile:

no matter how scary the assembly looked, this is what I saw while building another console … now there are 3 of them! two are already booked and I hope to hit the road tomorrow. (:
the assembly lasted 5 hours with short pauses, I assembled absolutely without a circuit all the elements on the board are signed, this greatly simplifies the assembly, but you need to have experience with smd components with a dimension of 0402 and of course a flat ass (;

bad news from jlcpcb and pcbway his dont work temporary with Russia ):


Those PCBs with all the things soldered on look so nice!

I see a JLCPCB fan :wink:

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The live looks scary. I won’t ask about the soldering ‘torch’ :wink:

I barely can handle 0805 you have some good skills.

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why? (: …ersa independent 130 profi set and big solder station Sugon 8620dx for big components (bga and others)…

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I ment the Knife looks scary. I would probably stab myself with it :sweat_smile:

take care of yourself … we need you alive!))