Input for new Arduboy Packaging

(Kevin) #1

I’m designing a new packaging this week. It’s really just a minor refresh to the packaging we are using now. The main goal is to update the back of the package to include more relavant information about the device.

I realized there are no specifications or really any good way for someone who might see this package in a store, pick it up, and know what the hell it ACTUALLY is. Like, ok it play oldschool games but, what does it really MEAN?

Any ideas? Thanks!

(Scott R) #2

Could somebody post an image or something of the back. The only Arduboy I have in the new style packaging is the SE so no idea where to start with suggestions.

(Kevin) #4

That’s the old packaging, this is the current one:

And then this is on the inside:

So yeah, I realized I completely removed the specifications from the package, so I want to put most of that back because it gives a person an idea of how truly hardcore 8-bit it is.

We have the different languages on there with 3 different bullet points. I would probably prefer to have just 1 phrase in 5 languages.

And the goal is to switch the red stuff to shiny foil:

(Pharap) #5

That explains the ‘no specifications’ comment.

When did it change?
I’m guessing some time in the last 4 months?

Shall I get rid of my post to avoid confusing people?

I’m not a native speaker so I could be wrong but the Japanese text might be a bit confusing because it breaks two words up with a line break.


It’s equivalent in English to:




Maybe it’s not such a big deal with Japanese though?
It would be good to hear an opinion from a native.

(cyril guichard) #6

in the middle, I would advise to also conjugate “Obtenir” into -> “Obtenez des conseils…” since you are conjugating the other two verbs “Apprenez…” and “Amusez-vous…”

(Chamekan) #7

I’m Japanese.
It’s nice advice.

(Chamekan) #8

I also point out this:



(Holmes) #9

I just wanna say that I love this Arduboy packaging. :heart_eyes:

(Chamekan) #10

Phrases in Japanese sentences like this:




If you insert a new line, it’s better to insert at slash.
Of course slashes themselves are not needed finally.
For example like this:




(Pharap) #11

Good eye.
I didn’t notice that.

  • Maybe change AGES 12 to INFINITY to AGES 12 AND UP on the front cover? sounds more serious/realistic

  • You could move the ® & © Arduboy Inc. text to the spine of the packaging to free some space.

  • Remove the game title screens and put the Game title under the screen shot so you can add more screenshots to the back?

  • Remove USB icon and cable text from the back and add INCLUDES FREE USB CABLE! to the front? Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

  • change TUTORIAL LESSONS on the front to ONLINE TUTORIALS ?

(Kevin) #13

It changed last year some time but some distributors have old stock.

Yeah I know about the japanese getting word wrapped, that was a whopsie

(leo.rp8) #14

Hi! I’m from Colombia and new with Arduboy , I helped with some “spanish-word” fix for game buino meta bootloader, and I found some inconsistency with the text on the back side of the packaging

In the Spanish language there are two ways to say : you : 'usted ’ and ‘tu’ . one is the formal way and the second one is like a ‘friendly’ way. they had no difference but do when are used with verbs :

Aprenda = usted
Aprende = tu

Obtener : it’s just the verb not an action
Obten : is when you are getting something.

those information is just for explain, don’t worry about , I fixed the text blocks to ‘sound’ better and more Spanish:

Aprende habilidades de la informática y la programación en C++ con tutoriales

Obtén orientación de experimentados desarrolladores de videojuegos en la comunidad

¡Diviértete y haz que tus ideas cobren vida!

As suggestion : the black circle has the SP referring to a ‘Spanish’ , the abbreviation for Spanish in ‘Spanish’ is : ES

I hope this help you!.

(Pharap) #15

Mine must have been old stock then.
That box is from the unit I got from entering the 2nd game jam back at the start of the year.

(Kevin) #16

Thanks for the translations! I’m probably going to change the phrase that gets translated. But I don’t know what that is yet. Could use your help later.

What is MOST important about Arduboy to you? What is the FIRST thing you tell your friends about it?

(Pharap) #17

Personally: “It’s programmable”.
If the Arduboy just played games and you couldn’t write your own then I wouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place.

(Though “free games” comes in second because I’m horribly frugal, and I suspect for some “open source games” follows that.)


That it’s a credit card sized programmable handheld where you can make your own games for.

(fred ) #19

Learning to program my video game on it.

(Chamekan) #20

I think that Arduboy is a Haiku of game for its 128x64 monochrome game style.