Insane Skulls - Game Jam 5


Insane Skulls - 1.0

Long ago, the Greeks and Romans would play a game called, “Astragalus,” which evolved into what Americans call, “Jacks.” There have been several variations of this game over time, but it started out being played with small, dried animal bones. In the 90’s, there was a major Crazy Bones crazy, a game based off of astragalus with plastic figurines with weird and odd shapes, sizes, and faces.

Insane Skulls is based off of games like astragalus and Crazy Bones, where a player picks a team of 4 characters (or skulls), all with different stats and properties. Players take turns flicking their skulls at the opposing skulls, carefully aiming, giving a nice amount of upward or forward force, in hopes of knocking the other player’s skulls over.

Insane Skulls has 16 different characters, including guest characters like Circuit Dude and Dusty Argile, and supports either a single player mode against the CPU or head-to-head mode against another human.

See how many times you can beat the CPU in a row with the team you make to beat the high score!

image image

image image


A: Accept
Up/Down: Aim


  • Saves High Score
  • 1 or 2-Player Mode


Download .arduboy:
Download Sketch:
Download .hex:

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1.0: Aug 31, 2020

  • Initial Release

Your graphics are a standard for this platform. This game was random and pretty fun. Circuit Dude was the real MVP

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Good game! Too bad the game doesnt switch on the other side visually when its the other side to play though… So that ot feels that ot coming from the other side. Still like it a lot :+1:

The link to the source code doesn’t work for me.

Oops! Thank you! I fixed that!

If I had more time, I’d add a few more particle effects as well as add this in! But thank you!!

I don’t think it looks all too good, but thank you!