Install allegro library

Hi, I have a game written in c and c ++ that uses the allegro.h library. Would it be possible to install this library in Arduino ide or adapt it in some way so that it can be used in Arduino?

I would like to be able to convert game written in c and c ++ in a game to be able to use it in Arduboy.


No. The Arduboy is a very constrained system and that library (if I am reading it correctly) is a monster handling everything from window creation, capture of user input, graphics and sound rendering. It is probably bigger than the Arduboy’s entire, available memory.

You could attempt to ‘adapt’ the library to fit the Arduboy but you might as well start with the Arduboy2 library along with one of the various sound libraries. Of course, this means a rewrite of any game you have … Sorry :slight_smile:

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It depends.

If the game is in black and white and at a resolution of 128x64 and doesn’t do too much processing then it might be possible to get it to work on Arduboy, but you wouldn’t be able to automatically ‘convert’ it, you’d have to port it manually (i.e. rewrite the code by hand).

You’d also need permission from the author if you aren’t the author and the code isn’t under an open source licence.

As @filmote says,
if the game isn’t too complicated then you might as well just write it from scratch for Arduboy.