Installing System Drivers for Arduboy

Installing Arduboy Drivers - Without Installing the Arduino IDE

Installing the drivers needed to use an Arduboy with a desktop, without installing the Arduino IDE.


These are instructions for installing the drivers needed for your desktop to recognize your Arduboy without the Arduino IDE installed.

When plugging an Arduboy in a desktop running Windows, Linux or MacOS, it may be necessary to install system drivers. These drivers can be found in an Arduino IDE installation directory as the sub-directory, drivers.


To install drivers for an Arduboy device that has been plugged in, but has no drivers installed: open the Windows Device Manager and browse to the Arduboy device. Right-click and install the drivers from the Arduino IDE path.

##1. Plug in the Arduboy

##2. Open the Windows Device Manager

Find the icon for your Arduboy.

##3. Install drivers from Arduino Right click and select _`Update Driver Software...`_
Select the option to set the path to be searched for driver files, then set the location to the `drivers/` sub-directory of your Arduino IDE folder.

##4. Finish

If the installation was successful, you will see a dialog confirming the installation was a success. The device name for your Arduboy will be displayed as Arduino Leonardo. The Arduboy uses the Arduino Leonoardo hardware configuration, and can safely use the drivers provided by Arduino.



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Linux (at least Ubuntu): Just plug it in.


Same for mac OS. No need to install anything.


Is this without the IDE installed?

I will say Linux has it’s own special needs when it comes to the /dev/ folder. I’ll probably add that information here, maybe. It’s well documented on the arduino website though.

It doesn’t matter. Linux usually recognises any USB device that’s plugged in, loads the correct driver module, then “just works”. The drivers are built into the Linux kernel (as a module). The IDE doesn’t provide anything.

Only that you may have to add your user name to the dialout group to gain access to the serial port that’s automatically created for the Ardbuboy or any other Arduino. Again, the IDE has nothing to do with this.

sudo usermod -a -G dialout <yourUserName>