Interesting Font Chip

I was looking at a youtube video and they were talking about Font chips.

For 30 cents this would be a cool addition to the “Arduboy 2” for saving memory…

I don’t understand electronics well enough to understand how this would work. Does it save memory by simply having the graphic definitions stored within it thus saving the (in this case) 96 characters * 5 bytes per char = 480 bytes?

Or can it write directly to the screen memory somehow thus saving some program space as well?

Do any of the variants have multiple fonts in sizes like 3x5, 4x6 as well as 5x7?

I don’t know electronics and don’t know if it is even useful, I think it is interesting though.

Looks to be about 58 Fonts. ASCI, UNICODE and ISO-8859. Looks like it would work over SPI.

Here are the ASCI Fonts (Looks like 5x7 is the smallest)

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Pity that 5x7 is the smallest … bigger fonts might be OK for headings but not any real quantities of text.

Could store a whole lot of fonts on one of @Mr.Blinky’s flash carts and have it work in a similar way?


I was thinking of something like that. I wonder how much space it would take to store a full 12x12 tileset…
Would that only be about 2.6KB?(not sure if that is correct) Then you could just reference everything.

Looking at the datasheet it just seems to be just a serial rom memory with font data. It has no controller with fancy options.