Introducing: Arduboy Nano

@unwiredben Sound’s like I have created a secondary market for you to count SMT parts all day long!

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aw man! I dipped my toes into making kits 10 years ago, haven’t been back since :slight_smile:

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Just automate it. :P

(Of course, buying all the parts to build the sorter would be pretty expensive too. :P)

I’m sending this to Super Impulse to let them figure out if they want to do anything but I’m nearly certain they will take the 32u4 out and put in a solder blob if they can even figure that the OLED is worth the cost. I hate to say it but actually I think the rp2040 is cheap enough that could be used but probably not in their supply chain.

If they really like it I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a Tetris or other licensed games come out on a keychain version.

I’m ordering stencils today, when they come in I’ll put them on the site for sale.

Uh, stencils are expensive, $5 to 10/ea meaning I’d have to charge like $20 for the pcb+stencil and I’m not sure that’s what everyone wants. Maybe I’ll just publish the gerber for the stencil and you can decide if and where you want to get it made.

Need to figure how digital downloads work, but I think when you buy it you’ll get emailed the BOM (and maybe a link to a digikey or other cart) and the gerber for the stencil.

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You could have 2 options:

  1. PCB+Stencil for easier soldering
  2. PCB Only
    Both would include the BOM or whatever for the additional parts list.

Not sure if this is more practical, or if it would be more hassle for you, but it does allow people to choose the cheaper option if they are confident they can do without stencils. Alternatively option 2 can include the gerber for the stencil and the buyer can decide to order one themselves (choosing their own source) or ignore it entirely and go hardcore solder-master mode.

It’s mostly about me buying a bunch of stencils and ending up not selling them.

I’m talking with oshstencils about a discount.

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Nice thing! Found this article (in german):

Cute and could be a great giveaway. Now add the FX mod!

This is ridiculous, I love it!

With only a 64x32 pixel screen, that leaves 768 bytes more RAM free!

Maybe I need to make NanoCity now? :thinking:


I like the Nano so tiny cute.

I hope that people who are interested in the PCB realize it’s a bare PCB without parts and how tiny the actual parts are.

Source image grabbed from Sparkfun

I was never going to build one myself - I can solder two wires together and that’s about it. Now having seen the image above I am not even sure I could identify the parts let alone solder them correctly!

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I’m only using 0603 parts so it’s not too bad, technically you “could” hand solder it but the biggest challenge is that they are too close together so it’s almost impossible to get a soldering iron in to the pad without poking something else.

Specifically the buttons on the front are literally touching each other and not accidentally stabbing and melting the plastic part of it would be tough.

If you make it with a stencil and solder paste it’s actually pretty easy except if you get solder bridges on the QFN package then you’ll spend a bunch of time with flux and dragging your iron across it and cursing it why it won’t un-bridge.

Good news everybody, oshstencils has offered a discount, and a free upgrade to stainless! Standby…

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I’ve hand-soldered SMT at 0.5mm/pin, I’d like to give it a try. Please add me to the list to purchase PCBs! Nice Work!

This is great! I’d definitely buy. I’ve been meaning to get into soldering SMD parts for a while and this would definitely kick me into it.

Hi, absolutely love this - do you by any chance have any PCBs left and how to purchase them? Thanks

If anyone is in a position to make me one of these, I would gladly pay for the parts, labour, etc. PM me!


I just ordered the stencils from

Cleaning up the STL files and preparing the BOM, hopefully get it on the store by Monday.


I love this little console so much you said that super impulse might produce it does that mean it would be a buyable product in the near future? Or maybe you could start a Kickstarter if it doesn’t go through with super impulse.

Maybe I’m actually talking to the folks at tiny circuits what they have ideas on it too I think they figured out an SD card interface… :wink:

UPDATE: I have stencils in stock, just need to take pictures, make BOM links and update and test the STL files. Maybe I can just sell the things I have now and email the other stuff later. (Should just be a day or two)

Try to get it on the store tonight and post about it tomorrow.


I didn’t get it added tonight I will try again tomorrow! Life gets in the way!