Introducing Arduflexboy

(Kevin) #1

Arising from the ashes that was the Arduboy Sculpture is: Arduflexboy

Utilizing OSHparks new flex service I took the working minimal schematic I had made for the sculpture and brought it onto a flex pcb.

Same design concept of the sculpture was to hide all of the components behind the screen which has been done. At the screen area the total thickness is around 2.5mm but everywhere else is a paper thin!

The buttons are capacitive just like the original Arduboy prototype but in this case work like butt, as the library was tuned for an FR4 dielectric so probably could be fixed in software a bit.

The battery is a CR2016 which baaarely has enough juice to run this puppy evidenced by the dim screen. The origonal Arduboy prototype would run for about 30-45 minutes for each primary cell coin cell it eat’s up. The circuit draws around 20 mA and the battery is rated for somewhere north of 100, I think 150ish.

But it works, and I’m going to make 2 more, one with a normal arduboy battery and going to try one with an LIR2016 but that only has about 20mA capacity so I’m not sure it will have enough oomph to get past a closed circuit resistance.

Here is a video that shows how crap the button performance is.

Massive thank you to @Mr.Blinky for his help on this and also in general massive thanks to @Pharap also because he helps out on the community so much!


Arduboy Sculpture [RIP]
(Simon) #2

Very cool.

I am just as interested in the tattoo on your left arm … what does it say?


(Kevin) #3

That’s my friend Aaron, he is the biggest Arduboy fan in the office so I wanted to put him in the video. I think it says “filmote is the coolest” but I’ll ask him tomorrow for sure.


(Simon) #4

I hope that’s what it says … I have no fanboys at the moment so am looking for one!

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(Kevin) #5

You know, I really need to start making the soldermask hole smaller than the copper fill on test pads so that the pad is anchored down by the soldermask. It’s a simple change at design time that would virtually eliminate the very common problem I have of lifting off programming pads when wires are soldered to them. This seems a lot more important for flex as the bond between copper and substrate is nowhere near as strong as FR4.


(Simon) #6

Will you be making any of these to sell? I’ll take one if you get the buttons right.


(Kevin) #7

After I finish making up the rest of these I’ll post up the board files and you can order your own flex pcb from oshpark to make :slight_smile:

I will also not commit to doing anything with the buttons. I don’t have much hope for them TBH. The problem is you can activate them from behind the board too, and it’s difficult to hold it without it flopping over or accidentally hitting one of the other buttons.

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(Kevin) #8

Lol apparently it’s my cake day too what funny karma.


(Diego Galue) #9

Happy Cake day dude and congrats on the Arduflexboy…

Quick question, are the files for this already available on github?


(Kevin) #10

Not yet, but soon, which is before eventually. I want to try a few more things first before I let the genie out of the bottle.

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(Shawn) #11

Sexy flexy! …


(Stephane Hockenhull) #12

It’s so terribly impractical. I love it. :smiley:

Could add a floppy USB-A “connector” too. One that’d require inserting some cardboard wedge to keep contacting the port.

Or micro USB! It looks just about the right thickness to shove into a micro-USB male cable.

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(Pharap) #13

Stick some paper or cardboard to the back perhaps?

Let me know if the wooden Arduboy becomes a thing. I like wood.

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(Pharap) #15

Yeah, like that. But @Odie1 isn’t mass producing them (or even limited-run producing them).

Now I think about it, maybe I’ll just make my own if I can ever find the time, money, tools and space.



Will do, no plans but maybe when I retire at the end of this year.



So that was the layout for that you posted on twitter. It looks cool. Maybe you could put a thin piece of acrylic at the back to make it more rigid?

Oh man! I’m imagening my replacement backplate in wood now :star_struck: If I was just more wood crafty … :thinking:

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(Kevin) #21

Status update, the Arduflexboy was asleep all weekend and still had enough power to wake up when I touched the buttons. Not bad!


(Shawn) #22

If you use a bistable power control solution like I put into my VMUboy then standby current would be in the low nA so basically standby mainly determined by battery leakage current.



I just recently found out that it’s possible for atmega to consume < 1uA. (before I got stuch at 240-280uA. But Ironically the Arduboy2 libraries bootPowerSaving() function was the cause of that :joy: )