Is 8MB enough memory? [No]


Or is 16MB worth an extra $2 added to the price.

  • 8MB
  • 16MB

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8MB is more than enough for the current library of games. However, once the official mod chip is released and we start seeing games being developed to take full advantage of the mod chip that 8MB will start to fill up quick.

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To throw some figures out there…

The Arduboy’s CPU has 32KB of flash 2.5KB of RAM and 1KB of EEPROM.
About 4KB of flash is reserved for the bootloader.

8MB is 8192KB, so assuming you needed 28KB per game (it’ll usually be less),
plus maybe 1KB for EEPROM (again, not needed for every game),
you could theoretically fit 282 games on the chip.

It won’t be quite that much due to technical constraints,
but until people start pushing the boundaries
it should theoretically be enough to fit every game on Eried’s repo onto the chip.

Having said that, $2 doesn’t seem like much extra to pay to have twice the amount of memory.
If you offered them both I don’t think anyone would bother to buy the 8MB version,
so maybe 16MB is more sensible?

Tried to get this going with the communities best coders but everyone lost interest, but I suppose it makes sense to give people in the after times the chance.

Personally I lost interest because I never understood how the system is supposed to work.
I got the impression that others had the same problem but I could be wrong.

I understood roughly how the flash chips work.
I.e. they’re divided into pages (I forget how large a page is) and can only be written to a page at a time.

But the talk of retrieving addresses via the vector table completely lost me.

If I had the necessary information I’d start writing something as soon as possible.
(I have at least two projects I want to do.)

I am not smart enough at programming to help unfortunately :frowning:

I had the impression the FX project wasn’t progressing fast enough for others and were just waiting to see which way the cat jumps.

There were two examples using the falshcart. Which could have been a starting point. AFAIK the only one that took the bull by the horn was @veritazz

I had the impression people were just waiting on dev kits that never materialised?

I sent hand made ones to anyone who wanted them but then nobody wanted them. Or didn’t use the ones I sent them.

Whereabouts are they?

Actually I never lost interest. I am still super excited but I got loaded with my real time job for 200% the last 6 months. However I did a few things meanwhile to proceed. I think there where a lot of discussions about the layout of the flash but I kind of ignored them. For me the flash was just a block of memory that I can read from. If there is something that I can do to help using this memory, please let me know. I’ve got quite used to it meanwhile.

I’ve chosen 16MiB because I believe that people can create games with big content with this. My project uses like 80KiB at the moment but it is still without many sprites, videos and game screens. Probably it can easily reach 256KiB.

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At the moment I am writing a script to convert .mod files into ATM2LIB format so people can use trackers to generate sound and music. Then I wanted to check if I can move the data to flash.

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If I’d just ignored that part and pretended that I can read data from any part of the FX chip then I’d probably have had something written ages ago, but sadly the details of reality make that difficult.

I’m still in favour of making the FX chip behave more like a file system…

Does anyone happen to have a copy of the datasheet for the FX chip?
(Preferably one with the SPI commands it accepts.)

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16MB – $2 seems a small price for future proofing IMHO.

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What is the total price on the part number you are looking at? Have you tried this part:

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In general terms the cost difference between the modules is about a $1, I am building in another $1 of profit because #business.


I think having 16MB will be able to make game devs have more space to make their dream game, not having the limitations of filling up the storage and still having a short game. And no one will miss that extra $2 anyway. Plus, with all this memory, people can make some insane crap. (pardon my french)

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The people have spoken, 16MB it shall be.