Is 8MB enough memory? [No]

Yay! Big boi memory.

Wait is this going to be a Arduboy 2.0?

Arduboy mod chip that upgrades your Arduboy to an Arduboy FX, or you can buy a customized pre-modded version! “Soon”


: O
I can’t wait!!!



I’ve been optimizing ATMlib earlier this week (kicking out some ~100bytes and some cycles in the ISR. But does your WIP game use ATMlib2? I should probably start looking at ATMlib2

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Cool i will be able to buy one in 3 months when my old house will be sold

Yes at the moment I am using ATMlib2 because I thought it is the most recent one. But I am not bound to it. I basically put it in to reserve code/data space and performance so I can see if the game still performs well when sounds and music is played.
I am still in the learning phase because I am a total music noob but I understood that this is very essential for the game.
The ATMlib2 I am using takes ~10ms of performance. This is at least what I measured when playing a score while the game runs. So any performance you can squeeze out of it is very well appreciated.
As far as I can see most of the time is spend in the command processing in the ISR but I have not yet analyzed what and if anything can be done here.

If we a going to add flashcart support to this library there might be the need to “unroll” all the patterns to be able to do a constant read from the flash without jumping. It would also require the main loop to prefetch the pattern data so the ISR can work solely on the prefetched data.

Shortly, this will be available:

You will have as much memory as you need :smiley: , I waiting for the prototype to arrive, if everything is OK, immediately will be available for purchase.

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