Is a Monster Collecting game possible with the FX?

eh… Nintendo also crushes disproportionately… they constantly fight the SSBMelee community needlessly and emulation communities… they specifically are quite destructive towards the preservation of old games… i don’t think any of the creatives would actually agree with this type of legal behavior- most of them got into the field via modding and fan creations…

but yes, this is not a battle i want to fight personally :sweat_smile: just my opinion… i am not very interested in making a fan game anyways, i would like more of an ‘ode’ to classic monster collecting games…

hmm… okay tall grass is fine too…

do you plan on having trainers with a ‘line of sight’ to trigger the battle? Perhaps something similar could be done with rustling grass (monster hiding in it, with line of sight to initiate)?

okay this makes sense, thank you for the explanation

In proportion to what? Other console-producing companies?

From their point of view, and the point of view of the law, they still own the code and assets, so it doesn’t matter if nobody else has a copy. In fact they’re well within their rights to destroy every copy they actually have, leaving only what’s been sold.

Likewise, legally it’s the people who publish ROMs and bypass copy protection that are in the wrong.

If you think that’s wrong then it’s not Nintendo you should be complaining about, it’s the law you should be trying to change.

(Or as Tom Scott puts it “YouTube’s Copyright System Isn’t Broken. The World’s Is.”.)

Some newer game developers perhaps, but not the ‘old guard’ who actually run Nintendo. They built their own stuff from scratch.

I think you’d have a hard time convincing people who didn’t piggy back off of other people’s creations that people should be allowed to piggy back off of their creations.

I’m hoping to, but it’s yet another thing in the “we’ll have to see” box.

Individually these things aren’t difficult, but together it’s a lot of juggling.

Possibly. We’ll have to wait and s-
*An audience member throws a tomato*

  • yes, Halo is open for use. flagship game. sets a completely different precedent. i get this is a legal decision by them but that’s half my point.
  • open dev tools for windows and xbox
  • ps vita has open dev tools, as does ps4
  • sonic mania was made by fans who made fan sonic games prior to being hired for the project
  • Nintendo has nothing open and worse emulation than the community because they crush the community instead of trying to include them (also incomplete libraries for emulation)
  • bethesda requires modding their games as part of their application… (not console-producing i guess)

also their action is disproportionate to the threat in reality (at least, in every single case I’ve ever heard, which is a very very long list of mega fans who devoted years to these projects)

yes, its fundamentally one of infinite problems with the government and lawmaking… there is a lot more the small community can do by complaining to Nintendo than they can about the laws that Nintendo’s legal team is abusing

i think my prior list also supports this, as these are all relatively new, largely brought forward because of the voice of the community…

no. they learned by copying other artists, other mathematicians, logicists, computer engineers, etc. etc. etc. (and working within the systems those other people created)

gatekeeping is bad. (for education, progress, and growth)

yeah that’s fair… quite a few things to juggle with a game like this…

i hope i don’t come off as angry or upset here… i do have very strong opinions around the subject but I’m not trying to like fight or start anything :grimacing: it just feels worth saying to me…

[edited down because off-topic, and i annoyed myself]

a… palette cleanser? :sweat_smile:
it is a v1… roughly based on a previous color tileset i was working on…

I have composed a reply to this, but I think it’s getting way off topic.
I could send my response in a PM, but I don’t want it to devolve into a back and forth argument.

I’ll look at doing something with it when I next have chance.


small changes because the trees looked weird…

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If you’re at all interested in using any of my monster designs or names, then feel free to, though I already used some of those monster in a past game I made a couple years back, and I’m (slowly) in the works on a sequel finally.

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I remember it fairly well.
(Also I helped you fix a bug and organise the code a bit.)

For Arduboy or some other platform?

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What else than for the Arduboy of course :wink:

Edit: This is what I have so far


thank you! :pleading_face: and cool game!

cool! i really think the Arduboy is perfect for these types of games

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In that case, at the risk of over-comitting myself, feel free to ask if you want any help at all.

I like the chequerboard idea.

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