Is it possible to purchase replacement components?

I am wondering if one can purchase the clear top, battery, or metal back separately. I scratched up my clear plastic right at the screen area. Otherwise the Arduboy is perfect. Would be great if I could purchase just the clear top. Same question with the battery. At some point the lithium battery will fail or lose most of its capacity. I don’t mind soldering in a new one if one can purchase the battery alone.

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Working on a new front cover, the battery can be bought from some places online but I can’t ship it on it’s own it requires certifications that are impractical to get.

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Can you say where the battery can be bought online? I searched and I couldn’t find anything.

This supplier states a minimum order quantity of 1 but I don’t know what the total cost with shipping would be, or if there would be any restrictions on shipping a LiPo battery to your desired destination.

If you are in the USA this is a great place to get them, it’s where I got the first prototypes:

Its the 014461

Wonderful. Thank you both.

People are also welcome to ship me their Arduboy for repairs. I’ll fix it and ship it back for free.

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I’d be interested in a new front cover. I garnled mine In a mod gone wrong.

Pretty sure will have new cases, I’m trying to negotiate for new different color buttons but the factory thinks it is troublesome.

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