Is It Possible To Upload Hex Files To Arduboy Clones?

Is it possible to upload .HEX files to Arduboy clones? Under “COM Ports” I see Arduino Micro

It depends on what Arduino board the clone is based on and how well its wiring matches a real Arduboy.

In the case of an Arduino Micro based system, the RX and TX LEDs on the Micro will be wired with opposite polarity to the Arduino Leonardo which the Arduboy is based on. (What turns the LED on for a Leonardo will turn it off for a Micro.) Therefore, the TX LED and/or RX LED may remain lit if you upload a .hex file compiled for a Leonardo or Arduboy. Other than this, the uploaded file should run properly providing the pin wiring for the display, buttons and speaker corresponds to an actual Arduboy.

Which program did you use to upload the .HEX file? The programs I’ve tried did not detect the device

I’ve never tried it. If the program you use to upload the file won’t allow uploads to the board type that the clone is based on, then that’s a separate issue.

Are you using Windows? on windows Arduboy and clones will use two different com ports one for bootloader mode and one for application mode. open device manager and look at the ports section. Now when you press the reset button on the micro .the port will dissapear and the bootloader com port will be added. You have to select that com port.

Before you start your programming tool press the reset button again, wait a second and start programming. The bootloader mode stays only active for 8 seconds

Which programs have you tried?
There’s a lot of them:

Generally you’re better off compiling the source code to match the board used by the clone.