Is it safe to simply "unplug" your Arduboy?

Hi - not sure if this has already been addressed anywhere, but is it safe to simply unplug your Arduboy from the USB slot? I’ve been plugging it in to load sketches and I think I’m following all the right procedures there, but when I’m finished loading I simply turn the Arduboy off and pull it out of the USB slot (even if the IDE is still active). I’m usually used to “safely removing” USB devices from my computer. Is this fine to do? Is this the way to do it?

Figure it can’t hurt to ask.

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Honestly, most computers can safely remove USB devices by simply yanking the cable from the computer. I pull mine out without ejecting it.

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Yes, you can safely unplug your Arduboy at any time EXCEPT while programming.

If you disconnect the cable while programming you may have to recover your device using the reset button.


So, I should always close the IDE before I pull the cable?

No, he’s talking about the process of flashing the Arduboy, or sending over the code. During the transfer, it’s unsafe. The IDE will tell you “Done Uploading” when it’s safe.

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Right, of course - thank you both. :slight_smile: