Is the forum running OK for you?

(Kevin) #1

I made some changes in the core code of the matrix. A function that tracks mutations. Another one creates clones and ends their children. I didn’t name these things. No master or slave interaction though. Programming is weird sometimes.

Anyways when I tried it earlier it crashed my web browser but I think I fixed it. If your web browser crashes or you notice any other unexpected behavior with the forum please let me know.

(Erwin) #2


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Yes it is fine for me.

For unknown reason my laptop with IE runs slower than it would on a chrome, and my iPad works faster.

(Scott) #4

I haven’t noticed any new problems.

I just wish you would address the problem with your “constant colour changing” banner using so much CPU power. This was discussed on October 6, 2018 between joshgoebel (@Dreamer3) and me in the general channel of the Arduboy Slack. It causes my laptop to use 100% of one of its 2 CPU cores, making the fan run at full speed and emit tons of heat, wasting lots of power and causing much noise!

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(Josh Goebel) #5

Yes, please… such an easy change to CSS too.

(Stephane C) #6

Only thing I noticed recently is that since a while, i can’t upload attachment anymore on mobile ( the option is just not there anymore), which is too bad because I am on mobile all day since I can’t use the office internet and computers for personal use. And Arduboy forum and website are blocked here.

(Nicole Birgel) #7

I mostly use the forum with mobile (safari), didn’t notice any problems so far.

(Kevin) #8

Lol @MLXXXp your poor little computer. Is there an actual bug in the CSS code or is just the implementation hoses your ancient laptop?

I’m open to changing it, what is the recommended fix, just to get rid of it?

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(Felipe Manga) #9

Ah, so that’s why this site makes my phone get warm if I don’t close the tab.

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(Scott) #10

Getting rid of it would certainly fix the problem. You’d have to choose a single colour for the banner, though.

I haven’t looked at the code (@Dreamer3 actually diagnosed the problem). It may be possible to add a wait of some type that doesn’t use processor cycles, so as to execute the colour change code far less frequently, perhaps with larger colour steps.

(Kevin) #11

It wouldn’t be responsible for your phones problems, the color changing code only runs on desktop.

I can see what you mean, the color change code runs every frame and takes 2 or 3ms with an emulated 6x processor speed slowdown.

What browser is your laptop using and what cpu is it? Does it have a GPU? I guess I’m both surprised and not surprised you are having the slowdown. I mean, we aren’t actually doing anything processor intensive but if the browser isn’t handling it well or maybe if it’s GPU accelerated?

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(Kevin) #12

Ah, I just realized it’s because it generates an image 600% of your screen width… If your on an old machine with small amount of ram that may push into your page file?

I tweaked it some, reduced it to 300% and removed easing from the animation so hopefully reduces the processor impact.

It looks like the changes might not do a lot. It’s using CSS to drive the animation so it’s up to the browser and it seems like that forces an draw update every frame which is probably the issue for lower spec machines.

Let me know what the specs are for the slowdown and if you’ve seen any improvement now.

(Scott) #13

Nope. My system monitor shows I’m only using about half of my 4G of RAM and haven’t done any swapping.

I’m not seeing any improvement with the changes.

I think using infinite animation in CSS is always going to cause a lot of CPU load (at least with Firefox). Even this simple example causes a large load and setting animation-timing-function to linear doesn’t make much difference.

(Kevin) #14

So, firefox 4G ram, what CPU do you have?

On chrome, 16G of RAM and a 7700K I was seeing a 3-4% CPU usage for the CSS animations. Which is considerable for this beefcake of a processor so I can see other machines might struggle with closer to 10%.

Are you able to catalog what your CPU usage is with CSS animation running or not? I’d like to see if it’s more than the 4% I’m seeing.

Anyways, I don’t think anyone really cared about the color changing title so I just removed the animation. It’s static now and I’ve collectively saved the planet very very small amounts electricity.

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(Scott) #15

Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU T7700 @ 2.40GHz × 2

About 50% (one of the 2 cores at 100%). Negligible with animation stopped.

That’s because that processor has 4 cores with hyperthreading, for 8 virtual cores. I you run a CPU load monitor you’ll see that it’s using about 100% of 1 core (which may be dynamically spread over all the cores in real time). I see the same thing on my Core i7 desktop machine.

(Kevin) #16

I’m not seeing that kind of massive performance hit anywhere, Only one core is seeing 2-3%

Do you have a GPU?

Maybe this is a Firefox thing? Update: I just tried it in Firefox and actually my performance was slightly better using FF. The page renders SO. UGLY though. What kind of renderer is FF using now? My eyes are bleeding!



The text is so sharp and the kerning is so tight!

(Scott) #17

My desktop has a fairly old Core i7 so it may be a bit more taxed than yours.

The laptop is an old Asus V1S, which has an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPU.

(Pharap) #18

I use Firefox and the site doesn’t look like that for me.
That looks like the font isn’t available for some reason so it fell back to a default one.

I have a similar setup and I get about 2-3% (I checked earlier before you turned the animation off).

Part of me wants to suggest letting users pick the banner colour in their settings, but that seems really frivolous.
(And yes, I would use it to just make the banner purple.)

@MLXXXp you can get browser extensions that can block scripts.
I think uBlock origin or greasemonkey could do the job.

(Josh Goebel) #19

Please turn off the INFINITE animation, it doesn’t need to animate infinitely. Do something snazzy (regardless of the size) and then stop after once. PLEASE. :slight_smile:

(Scott) #20

@bateske has already said above that animation has been disabled. No extension or other mitigation is necessary.

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