Is the forum running OK for you?

Totes unaware it was rustling anyone’s jimmies

“colour”. Hmm … MLXXXp’s British?

On my iPad it always show pink at the left and purple on the right.
On my computer it is dynamic, but the entire webpage then becomes laggy.

I always can.
I am using a iPad with Safari, so you might want to blame your browser.
Chrome should work fine, though …

Was ist mit meinem Computer?

I don’t know. Pink and purple as my iPad sees isn’t that bad.
Maybe white and black as the Arduboy is?


@Vampirics the upload button is in the bottom right of the input window, is it not?

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Ooh crap… Nevermind it works I am so used to how it is on another forum that I forgot where it was here … My bad.

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Now there’s another problem.
The notifications box is elongated when you first open it and it no longer has the ‘dismiss’ button.
Also it sometimes collapses if you right click on a notification.

You may wish to change the colour, at least on the left side. When on the screen for reading a topic, the grey text for the category is hard to read.

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Canadian. It’s spelt colour instead of color just about everywhere except the U.S.A.


I concur. I think the banner should be all purple.
(Please ignore my obvious bias towards purple.)

Failing that, maybe just make the category text white instead of dark grey?

Pretty much all the commonwealth countries spell it ‘colour’.
(Though I think some places in Canada lapse into the other spelling due to their proximity to the USA.)

People who speak English as a second language will usually use the spelling they were taught to use,
which (sadly) is usually the American spelling.


There are two things I like about that response … colour (obviously) and spelt instead of (spelled). Even Australians use these and we have butchered the English language too (but not as much as the Americans).


Don’t even get me started on centre, that doesn’t even sound like it’s spelled.

Fixed the category name.

Nor does Arkansas. :P

Seriously though, ‘tre’ does make that sound in English.
It’s an inheritance from the influence of old French.
Interestingly most words like that seem to stem from a Greek origin (via Latin) where the words would have ended in ‘ρον’ (‘ron’), like θέατρον (‘theatron’) and κέντρον (‘kentron’).

Etymology is usually responsible for 95% of weird spellings and pronunciations.
(Yes, I made that number up.)
Usually you just have to accept that English is always going to have words that don’t look the way they’re pronounced, it’s all part of the fun.
It’s not a phonetic language like (for example) Japanese.

Clearly the moral of this story is that we should all just give up and learn Latin and Greek. :P

(If anyone’s wondering about ‘colour’, you can blame the Norman conquest.)

After logging back on (with my laptop) after you guys disabled the moving banner…
Does this forum works better?
It sure do, but now I am on “high performance” power plan.
Let me change that to “balanced”, and then let’s see …
It have some minimum lag, but at least it is bearable.
NOW it is running OKAY.

I hope I didn’t start this entire colour thing…
AHEM! Stop underlining it already.

Underline? I don’t see anything underlined in any posts in this topic. Your original query about my citizenship was posted between [spoiler] [/spoiler] tags (which blurs or otherwise hides the text until you hover over or click on it). I just followed suit with my response.

The loading circle broke not sure why. Don’t think it was related to what I was doing, but I removed all my mods to make it pretty.

I think I might put something different up instead when I figure out what is stable.

I have made some other improvements, including the loading time related to the animation (which has changed).

When I press the three lines next to my profile pic (top right), the category names don’t seem to be visible.

Edit: Also, would it be possible to add some buttons or something so the in built emulator can be played from mobile, as there isn’t a way of inputting arrows or a/b as far as I can tell?

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Oh good point! I changed the category name in the header but forgot about the submenu contained within, I’ll fiddle around with the CSS and get that changed back. UPDATE: Fixed

Mobile Emulator: If you are on mobile, click the iframe and it will open a new full screen window with all the buttons you need!

I’ve been secretly adding the emulator to all the games in the community, it’s a full time job I’ve been doing for the past 4 days. It’s still technically in beta though!

Alright, thanks for the fixes and advice.

No one figured out that Bateske changed the loading icon to a fidget spinner?
Didn’t take a screenshot yet … ;-;
Aaaand … did you remove the preview? I don’t have preview of my posts here.

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Yeah … I had seen the fidget spinner.

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