Is the HW opensource.?

what the title says… :smile:

The ArduBoy is already so cool, but I cannot wait till Oct - until then I will be over it maybe…

Also, I would love to make one myself.

So… is the HW opensource.?

Hey @zaidpirwani, I’ve talked with @bateske a little bit about releasing some homebrew documents. I’m not sure what the plans are on that, I don’t think one would have too much trouble at least setting up the layout and building a working unit. As far as I know the libraries are going to be released under the GPL, and it would be nice to think about releasing the hardware schematics with a similar license. There may however be bigger factors at play that I’m not aware of restricting the hardware from being open sourced.

While we ponder that notion, I am pretty sure there is a dev kit available on tindie: - one could always hack away at the dev unit and come up with some plans of their own… so @bateske thoughts on open sourcing the hardware?

Yep we will be releasing all of the source code, schematics, and board files… even the 3d parts as well… As far as timing… the software will be opened up first and then we need to wait for the campaign to finish for the rest of it.

Mostly need to do clean up so it’s actualy useful for other people.

Stay tuned!

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Great… (Y)

THANKS. @bateske and @ekem

That would be excellent. Schematics would be great for a start so I can start building a working library for the BASCOM compiler :wink:

Gonna be releasing some files here in the next coming weeks stay tuned!

next coming weeks… that’s so far… but I’lll wait

For some people who have known this project for over a year, there is a lot of waiting. Generally the feedback is the wait has been worth it so I’m trying to keep that track record going :smile:

well then, looking forward to it. :slight_smile: