Is there a good TEST sketch?

Just want something that would generate some patterns on the screen, to show it all works, light up any/all LEDs, Check input buttons, play sound, etc.

We don’t have a hardware test sketch. Someone should write one. :slightly_smiling:

A good place to start is the examples included with the library, which has some stuff for the buttons. But it would be great to expand it. If anyone wants to write a good example like this we would love to have it otherwise I’ll get around to it eventually maybe! :wink:

There is both the Buttons and HelloWorld example added by @MLXXXp , and of course the flashlight feature done by @Dreamer3.

Then for sound see the the Tunes example.

You can load all of these after you install the Arduboy library in the Arduino IDE. See the file in the repository for instructions.

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And another reason to not bundle… @JO3RI People read release notes and want to try the latest library feature but if you’re using older modified library code bundled then those new features are not going to be there and the users are going to be confused/disappointed. :slightly_smiling:

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