Is there going to be an arduboy color?

Hi I’m new wondering if any one could email me telling me if arduboy colour is coming out or not (Email address hidden)

Hi every one this page is a chat page for exchanging info from newbie to oldie enjoy

There is no “Arduboy Colour.” The Arduboy only supports black/white right now. There is a rumor here and there that another Arduboy version may come out at some point in the future, but I don’t foresee that for at least a few years.

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Oh ok just thought if it did come out I could make a game always wanted to but it might or might not require color but thx anyway

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Why don’t they just use the same pixels as game boy colour and shrink the pixels?

Hey @Cody17 I would suggest not sharing any personal information openly in the forums page. Hit us a direct message or send us a contact form through the website:
@crait is right, no immediate plans for a colored Arduboy… yet :wink:


Ok thanks I won’t and ok but if they do develop color please inform me at me gamil

Sorry didn’t understand sorry ok thx oh by the way how do I upload Images

Hey @Cody17, you can upload images by using the icon with the UP ARROW found above the text bar you type in.


It’s a rough sketch

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