Is this game Arduboy inspired?

I have found this game preview:

I seems to me very similar to Arduboy style, but it is targeted to Nintendo Switch and PC.


It’s just because it’s 1 bit pixel art, which is not exclusive to Arduboy, so it may or may not be. I think a possible inspiration can also include robot finds kitten.


The Arduboy probably didn’t have anything to do with it, but I’d like to think that it did.

Either way it looks neat, and it could probably be mimicked on the Arduboy to a lesser extent.

I’d also like to assume the Arduboy is more popular than a relatively obscure terminal game.

It could just as easily have been inspired by Kirby: Planet Robobot.

But… but it has its own Wikipedia page :worried:

So does the Arduboy… just about.

I’d say the Kirby game has more in common in terms of gameplay and is more recent in the public memory.

Also I think Devolver are more likely to look at what the market is doing now than the open source scene of the 90s.


Reminds me of minit, also published by Devolver:


This creator seems very good. I like his games :wink: (No idea from wich game he’s inspired, he make references, it’s sure).

Didn’t devolver make Enter The Gungeon???

Devolver are publishers rather than developers,
but yes, they published Enter The Gungeon.
(It was developed by Dodge Roll though.)

They’re also famous for avoiding E3 for years and then deciding to start turning up and doing really satirical performances criticising the behaviour of other game companies (without specifying who).

I won’t post links to them because the language used probably isn’t suitable for the Arduboy forums, but they’re easy enough to find.