Is this loss - the game


This is a game I made a few months ago as a joke due to the fact I was bored. It was my first thing on Arduboy that got an ending.

Grab either the .hex or source code from this page to upload.

Upload to Arduboy:

Copy and paste this url into a new tab to upload with Arduboy Uploader:


Play online:
Play via the ProjectABE website


(Boti Kis) #2

hahaha i laughed hard.

(Kevin) #3

Someone reference the meme I am lost

(Boti Kis) #4

Know your meme here.
It mainly exploded after pewdiepie “killed it off” in meme review (at 6:07).

(Kevin) #5

This is a high quality meme. I’d seen the original, and was aware of the controversy at the time, didn’t know it turned into a meme. This is awesome, I always thought meme games would be one of most fun uses of the Arduboy.