Is this thing really bricked? [Solved]

It’s possible some kind of transient current event caused it to damage one of the gpio pins on the speaker. It is technically possible for the speaker to get blown out if it happened to you it would probably be the first I’ve heard of it though.

There’s a version of mermaid that only resets instead of starting the bootloader (which is an Arduino glitch) you can try the following to resolve this:

A very general solution Using Arduino IDE:

  • open blink example sketch from File > Examples > basics and go to the newly created window

  • Go to preferences (CTRL+Comma) and at the option Show verbose output during:
    put a checkmark at the options compiler and upload and click OK

  • Press reset button on Arduboy

  • quickly (within 8 seconds) go to tools > port and select com port (usually the highest number)

  • Ensure Leonardo board is selected from Tools > Board menu

  • click upload button (or press CTRL + U)

  • When you see the text PORTS {} appear in the black window press the reset button on Arduboy

  • After the upload is complete you can upload an Arduboy sketch / game again normaly

The reset button on Arduboy is left from the micro USB connector. Use a toothpick, a SIM eject tool or something similar to press it.

When you’re using Arduino IDE 1.8.6 or above then games using ATMlib will have no sound. This problem has been fixed but has not made it in to the public library yet. So you would need to download and replace the library files in the /src folder manually.

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for some reason my PC is no longer recognizing the Arduboy. it doesn’t show up in the ports, and the yellow light doesn’t flash on the unit when plugged in, though it still charges. I haven’t done anything other than open it up to look at the speaker since the last flash. it doesn’t come up when I connect to Android either.

Note that Arduventure (and some other recent games) disabled USB support in play mode and make Arduboy undetectable. USB will only be available for about 8 seconds when you press the little reset button left of the micro USB port.

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I edited the file as shown here:

do I need to do anything else?

There were some more changes made in previous PRs. It’s easier to replace the two files in the libraries src folder then to edit the existing ones.

couldn’t figure out how to download the files so I just replaced the contents via copy/paste. I did the double reset trick and it’s working with sound now, thanks!


Sweet! If you want to send your unit in for repair please use and let us know where you purchased it from, thanks!

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