Issue viewing other people's badges [Solved]

In the last few days I’ve noticed I’ve been unable to view the badges of other people. I can view my own badges, e.g

But as soon as I remove the ?username=pharap argument (or click Others With This Badge, which does the same thing) I get a frowny face and the message:

Page Not Found
while trying to load /user-badges/undefined.json
Oops, the application tried to load a URL that doesn’t exist.

I’m not sure if creating a topic is the best way to address this, but I can’t see a “report a bug with the website” button anywhere, but at least maybe I can find out if other people have the same problem.

I wasn’t sure whether to post this in Meta or Help And Information > Issues, but as the latter is “Bug reporting for the Arduboy platform and codebase” and this is about the website, Meta seemed more appropriate.

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I wonder if they just fixed it. I removed the ?username=pharp and got the page that shows other people with that badge. Could also maybe be browser related. I used Google Chrome.

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It does appear to be fixed now, so I assume someone spotted this post and silently fixed it.

We didn’t do anything and we actually are hosted by discourse directly, so we get live updates. So they broke something and then fixed it. Probably?

Spooky ghosts. :ghost:

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You may not have noticed but the site was out of action for a few minutes this afternoon. I could not refresh as (apparently) the DB was not contactable. Then it came good with a message that it was in read-only mode and no updates could be made. A few minutes later it was back to its old self.

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plz donut hax me :worried:

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Seems likely then.

Is there a place on discourse where we can report issues?

If something like this happens again it would be good to know where to send the complaint bug report.
(And then people can complain send a bug report to discourse instead of using up your valuable time.)

If you ever have a problem you should still be able to use the contact page to reach us. If things get worse than that then twitter is good. We can forward it onto them.