Issue with Arduboy battery tab

I recently got an arduboy for Christmas and thought in was really cool. But after a day I decided to open it up and found the black gunk shown in the photo on the positive power pad. I thought this may have simply been a byproduct of some of the assembly but found out later that the black gunk caused a weak joint which caused the positive power pad to break off and not work, so I decided to resolder the joint but after a 3 days of use without taking off the case it stopped working so I opened it up agin and found the joint broken again so after de soldering and resoldering it did not turn on. What should I do.

Unfortunately you can’t resolder the tab once it has broken, the tab has been laser welded to the solder tab.

You can write into with your purchase information and a copy of your receipt from where you bought it and I can help repair or replace it for you.


Thank you for the response but after an hour of working I got it to work

DEAR LORD. Also that won’t hold.

Also, don’t anyone else do this, this is a fire hazard.


Yes I know this original way does not work I disordered it but do you know what the black gunk is.

Burnt flux from the flux core solder. Possibly also other burnt things.

Top tip - little bit of double-sided tape on the underside of the battery to stop it moving in case of bumps or drops (the solder tabs seem to be the only thing holding it in place…)

DONT USE GLUE - it can seep into the vent-holes for the buttons and permenantly knacker them…

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Thanks will do

Also note if you add any attachments to the back inside with the original housing you do need to either take it out of its case to charge or build a new case, because the micro b slot has a very small cutout in the top pieces plastic.

After much trail and error I was able to use a male battery connector attached to the solder pads

making it so battery expansion is also possible