Issues uploading games(n00b alert)

Good day to you all.

I’m happy to have received my Arduboy and I wanted to load up some games.

I’ve followed the quickstart guide and got pretty far.

I installed Arduino 1.6.8

I was able to set the right com port

I think I’m missing core files in my library(on my computer)

I cant find the right folder to extract the files to. Arduino didn’t create a “sketch” folder in my documents. and when I open a game file it creates a folder in the temp files of appdata.

Any idea’s? Has anyone else run into this?

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You can try Codebender ( ) to get started if you are already frustrated ; )

In order to get sketches going on your local machine, you can save them anywhere you would like on your machine. It is only important to pay attention to the folder name, and make sure it matches the .ino file’s name inside.

For the core Arduboy Library, go ahead and use the library manager found through the Sketch menu in the Arduino IDE.

Once the a library is installed to the Arduino IDE through the manager, it will always be found by the IDE.

Installing the library is detailed in Step 2 of the Quick Start Guide.

To find out where your sketches should go:
In the IDE go to File > Preferences. In the Settings tab, see the Sketchbook location: field at the top.

We probably need to add anchors to that document. Or fork it into a new doc. It is actually possible to pull the markdown from a topic down through the API of Discourse, but I haven’t played much with it.

We use the APi a bit for the Wordpress, so it works : )

Yeah that’s the weird thing when I selected the open sketches folder location it took me to a temp folder in appdata on my user folder.

I’m running win 7

It’s a weird file location where it defaulted. Is there a way to change the folder location where the arduino sources files from? Like a change target folder library.

I might try to install on another computer to see if I can replicate the issue.

I don’t like shortcuts I won’t get frustrated for at least 10 days.

I did install the core library. Do I need to apply it somehow to the game in order for it to write to the arduboy.

When you make a new sketch in the IDE, it does use the temporary folder specified by the OS. It will do the same in Linux until set it (if you can set it). You can choose to save that sketch to a new folder if you wish.

When I start a new sketch, I usually manually create the folder through the OS, then create the .ino file through the OS. (Then I open it in Vim ;)) But after you create the files, just open the .ino file with the Arduino IDE and you should be good to go.

Codebender just let’s you load things quickly. For content creation a combination of the newest Arduino IDE and Codebender for testing is ideal. Guides do need to be written by myself about how to write for both targets if you desire that.

Then you should just have to add the following to the top of your sketch,

#include <Arduboy.h>

Arduboy arduboy;


and you should have access to all of the public functions of the Arduboy class through the arduboy object.