It’s heating up [Weather, International]

(Simon) #61

I was referring to Cubit V3.


There are so many things that are the way they are, “only in SA” , that I have given up keeping track! :smile:

About to board a plane to Alice Springs - the heat!! :sunny:

(Simon) #63

What’s the temperature there? 40, 45 degrees??


Maxed out at around 42°C today:

…bit hotter than that in the car though! :thermometer::sunny:

(Scott R) #65

Costa reward cards are slightly larger than an Arduboy. I’ll have to measure some other UK cards to compare.

(Simon) #66

Finland’s finest … illustrating the point about different pint sizes. The one on the left 568ml, the one on the right a ‘metric’ pint of 500ml.

Drunk by me only to illustrate the size difference.

(Pharap) #67

Back in ye old victorian times (and the early part of the 20th century) people would have ‘calling cards’ kept in fancy silver and enamel calling card cases.
(For the less wealthy, their cases would be made from papier-mâché.)

Calling cards were used originally by the upper classes to announce their arrival before they actually arrived (usually passed on by a footman) and would later be left at a house if someone had attempted to visit while the homeowner was out.

Calling cards weren’t quite postcard size though.
The size varied significantly,
from a 76mm x 38mm British gentleman’s calling card to a 91mm x 55mm Japanese calling card.
(Note that the British gentleman’s calling card size is actually smaller than a credit card.)

Calling cards evolved into business cards, which still have varying dimensions and aspect ratios.

The size used for credit cards (standardised by ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1) is actually closest to the size of calling card used by most of mainland Europe.
ID-1 specifies the size of a credit card as 85.60mm x 53.98mm,
and a calling card in mainland Europe would have been 85 mm x 55 mm.

The problem isn’t just the size, it’s the fact that so many modern ‘smartphones’ are basically cuboids,
so the mouthpiece is nowhere near the speaker’s mouth and people end up talking more loudly.

The old flip phones were much better because they curved around so the mouthpiece was actually next to the speaker’s mouth.

Perhaps eventually phones will go back to the old flip phone designs and all the modern ‘smart’ functionality will be shifted into a separate device, like a ‘smartwatch’, or (call me crazy here) a ‘smart’ PDA.

A likely story…

Interesting to see a can with the European comma between the numbers.

(Kevin) #68

Lol wow that is badass so imagine someone comes in and hands you a card and its got a name on it and the person who handed it to you is like “yah that’s not even me, they will be here in 15 minutes”

(Pharap) #69

That’s aristocrisy for you - bunch of show-offs.

Quite a few trends have been started by the aristocrisy, like sending christmas cards.

(Simon) #70

I see what you did there - misspelt aristocracy so it tied in with your Christmas (Chrissy) comment.


@filmote it’s a good thing you’re not in ausland, was reading that the bats are dropping dead from heat stroke and the roads are melting as temps approach 50c. I’m surprised it’s not a national emergency.

(Pharap) #72

I actually tried to check the spelling, but I got distracted by Monty Python’s “Upper Class Twit Of The Year” sketch and then completely forgot to fix the spelling.

It hit 50°C when I was in Egypt (many moons ago). I had pizza for lunch that day.

(Simon) #73

It’s going to be a rude shock when we fly home with all our winter gear on. My wife can’t help but buy stuff so our bags are full and there is no room for the large jackets we have.

From -25 to 40+ degrees overnight.

(Simon) #74

50 cents? Never had much time for rap. Having said that I did like NWA, Beastie Boys, Run DMC and a couple of others back in the day. But it was new then and less predictable…

Edit: oh and Public Enemy.

(Pharap) #75

Technically the cent sign is ¢, ‘c’ is for people who don’t know what unicode is. :P


4 inch phone is the best!
Well … 4 inch is a good number.
4 inch * 2.45 in / 1 cm = 10 cm!
Perfect :slight_smile:
If 4 inch is a bit too small, I guess a 6 inch would also do.
6 inch * 2.45 in / 1 cm = 15 cm!
Perfect :slight_smile:

Did I necropost…?

It feels so quiet these days…

(Kevin) #77

I’m really not sure why people say it’s quiet these days… the statistics for the community are actually higher than ever!

I think it’s probably because there hasn’t been a game jam in a while maybe. Maybe should plan one of those soon…

(Pharap) #78

At least some of the stats seem to be down from recent times.
We definitely had more engaged users in December than in January or February.
November was an odd one though, there was a massive decline followed by a massive spike.

I’ve noticed decreased traffic on other sites though,
so I think a lot of people are just exceptionally busy so far this year for some strange reason.

I think part of what might be contributing to the perception of quietness is the number of regular users that aren’t around as much (or at least aren’t posting as much).
(But we’ve got a handful of new users who are chatty enough.)

(Kevin) #79

It’s difficult to really to pinpoint it because it changes over time but a general feeling is that there are about 20 dedicated users around 200 casual users around 2,000 lurkers and around 10,000 people who just land on the site because of a google search or something like that.

I would say those are approximate monthly numbers give or take. And the user growth we have seen is small, really only single digits year on year, but it’s been mostly consistent.

(Simon) #80

As you mentioned, a Game Jam could perk thinks up but are there any other things that could encourage users to contribute? A shared game design and build, a competition of some other sort (say a 1bit graphic comp where the winning graphics then feed into a game build), a hardware build comp (no flash carts though) …