It’s heating up [Weather, International]

(Kevin) #81

I like the art contest. How would that work?

Best 32x32 frog king wins?transparent

Photoshop filters got me to 128 without getting the pen tool: image

Hmm lost some details: image

Actually, this kind of “contest” could work with the past style where everyone wins, because as long as you meet some kind of minimum criteria then you can participate.

(Simon) #82

Yep … its a little harder to produce 1Bit than just reduction. I am no good at it and leave it to others!

(Pharap) #83

I was due to host an art competition on another forum that I moderate, but it got postponed.

It was going to be fixed dimension with a variable palette.
People voted on some themes before it was due to start.


I have a few projects I’d like to start working on but I’ve been preoccupied with some recent game releases and self learning.

Anyone have a good idea how to generate a large random line of various slopes and then the hard part, give it collision?

(Pharap) #85

A single line can only have one slope.
Or do you mean lots of lines with different slopes?

What do you mean ‘give it collision’?
Line-rect collision is relatively easy, line-line collision is fairly difficult.
Line-circle collision is probably the easiest (albeit possibly more computationally expensive).


I mean a curve when I say a line lol.

Ever since that thread about ksp I’ve toyed around with a moon lander game In my head.

The big issues I’ve determined are creating the surface, as I wanted it to zoom in to finer detail at certain height thresholds.

The doozi is there’s no Sprite rotation for tilting the lander + no floating precision

(Kevin) #87

Hey Hey this is off topic, that is an on topic discussion there!

(Simon) #88

There is a fixed point library available. It will more than do the job.

Back on topic … it has been really hot all week and today (the weekend) its raining!


Well it snapped from 5 to 60°F here
That’s on off topic

Doesn’t beat the -50 in Chicago though.

(Kevin) #90

Are there any weather games for the arduboy someone make a game about global climate change.


Need to add natural disasters to micro city. Polar vortex, random blizzard in November that destroys traffic
Your city sinking beneath the sea as Florida will eventually


Something like that.

Ask me how do I loose the “regular” title …

i kind of feel like doing a rain simulator, but I’d rather implement that into my coming project …
I have too many coming project. (not really, just 2, but still …)

I just realized that I can write a independent snake game for Windows.

Porting my first games (pong, breakout, snake) over … :stuck_out_tongue:

(Pharap) #93

Curves are entirely different beasts.
Look up ‘bezier curves’, both quadratic and cubic, and possibly splines.
(Note that it is impossible to reticulate a spline.)

Vector graphics.

If you only need 90 degree angles then it’s not too bad, but other angles would be a big problem.
Using untextured polygons rather than sprites would make matters easier.

(That reminds me, I’ve still got loads of outstanding issues on that.)

Fiar enough.
@Freezingsnail, do you want me to move this to another thread or a PM?
Or perhaps I should just leave the comments here for now and you can PM me to continue the rest without any moves?

By not visiting the forum enough.
A regular is only a regular if they visit regularly.

Something on topic, we’ve got “storm Erik” here.

Aparently this happened down in Dorset:

(Some articles here and here.)

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #94

A try… King%20Frog


its ok I need to make more mazes for my maze game before I start anything new. I convinced poor @Vampirics to make me the smallest sprites ever and am squandering his work. A curve also isn’t the right term. I guess I mean a segmented line.

(Scott R) #96

I’m always lurking but been distracted from Arduboy stuff after buying a 3D printer.
Ofc I got the printer mostly to print Arduboy stuff :wink:

I’ve considered making a DS18B20 cart to check my aquarium temps for my flashcart Arduboy, expanding to a pocket weather station shouldn’t be too hard.