It’s heating up

(Pharap) #21

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Same here.Even after sleeping in. It’s still dark :smile:

Lucky for you the year is almost over! :smiley:


Low 20s this morning.
Had my first scrape off my car then pull over a couple blocks down to rescrape it :coffin:.

@filmote feel free to send some of that heat north

(Simon) #24

Would love to have on the weekend … I went to Sydney and although it wasn’t as hot as Melbourne it was muggy and humid. Yuk!


Ay I found someone who lives where I live


I do remember this actually. It was the last day of school and bringing all my heavy bags packed with my books to bring home in the heat lead to unbearable amounts of sweating

(Simon) #27

Are you a Melbourne boy?


Ye, sorry for the late response, I haven’t been checking my emails over the holidays


Down to -6.66 degrees today give or take

Is it weird having “winter” holidays in the summer in ausland?

Also java man @filmote what’s with java having arrays of length 0. I almost got memed by that tidbit on one of my exams.

(Kevin) #30

A friend of mine moved to australia and then I was like, “does santa surf down there” and he sent me a postcard of santa surfing which is kind of a normal thing there. (supposedly)

P.S. Did I mention I really like watching the Mighty Car Mods guys? I wanna go to australia.


The only thing they got down there I’m jealous of are the Utes and Holden. I’ll pass on the cane toads, rabid tree bears, and the various other mega bugs and murder animals

If santa is surfing what about the reindeer?
Where does the beard and suit fit into all of this lol

(Pharap) #32

That’s not unusual, most languages do support arrays of length/size zero,
especially bytecode-based garbage collected languages like Java and C#.

C++ supports dynamically allocated arrays of size zero (i.e. T * var = new T[0];),
it just doesn’t support statically allocated arrays of size zero (i.e. T var[0];).

Java arrays actually behave like dynamic arrays.
In Java, the majority of objects are heap allocated.
(This is part of the reason C++ can outperform it - heap allocation is slow.)

You mean the vicious drop bears?

You’ll be fine as long as you spread vegemite behind your ears and only speak in an Australian accent. :P