It's amateur hour!

Can some one tell me why this would or wouldnt work in an arduboy?,loc:1&ksid=ccc1c632-b009-472a-8b29-4ad0923172e6&ksprof_id=8&ksaffcode=pg128&ksdevice=c&ref=212&loc=1

These memory sticks depend on the being plugged into a Micro USB port that can recognize either being a client device (as when your phone is a client plugged into a PC) or that can recognize being a host device (as when your phone is a host with this memory stick plugged in).

The Arduboy uses an ATmega32U4 chip which implements USB Client mode. There is no capability for this chip to act as a USB host. The Arduboy can only act as a USB client, and must be plugged into a USB Host for that to happen.