It's Finally Here!

It’s a great day for Arduboy gaming. The best selling game of the classic game era is finally available. I hope you all have some vacation time accrued as you’ll want to take time off to play this. This was an arcade port of not just one but two different arcade games. Without further ado I present CX2601 Combat!.

I spent sooo many hours playing this ground breaking classic game. Every gamer I knew had a copy of this. (With the exception of some poor sap that got stuck with an Intellivision.) This also introduced Atari’s famous mascots: Left Tank, and Right Tank. I understand some rich people with color televisions knew them by their nicknames “Red” and “Blue” but probably the less said about that on this forum the better.

Being 2 player only this presented some er… challenges. I decided to go with a turn based system. When the LED is red the left tank is controlled, when the LED changes to blue the right tank can play. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not ADA compliant!” But, I think we are OK. If you look closely they are separate LED’s; so the color blind among us will just have to pay closer attention.

There’s not enough buttons so I’m using B as shift. Shift A is start and Shift Up is select. I should have done Shift something for difficulty but I didn’t think of it until just now.


Combat.ino.leonardo.hex (77.8 KB)


amazing! sources?

I went ahead and posted it . It does have a few glitches and I’m not planning on fixing them. If anyone wants to mess with it feel free, but I’m done I think. This is not quality code, I wrote it really quickly, so I kind of hate to post it, but I think it is interesting.


You should add a LICENSE or to your GitHub repository, so people will know what they can do with your code.

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What has been seen cannot be unseen. I should have said that first.

Yeah, that’s kind of awkward. I don’t really expect anyone to do anything with this, I just wanted to show it’s not a recreation. I would be skeptical myself if I didn’t see it. I’ve been thinking about it and what I’ve decided to do is remove anything not mine from the repo so I can make it MIT like I prefer.

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Having a licence at least means people are allowed to make changes if they wanted to,
which is a good thing even if nobody actually excercises that right.

I for one thank you for that decision.

It probably doesn’t matter now, but for future reference:
if the comments and code were taken from e.g. Wikibooks or a public blog then usually there will be a licence somewhere (e.g. CC BY-SA) which might be compatible with MIT, or if you could contact the author of the publication then you could ask for permission to use the code/comments,
so you might not have needed to remove some of the things you removed.

It doesnt seem to work in the emulator, I can scroll through the levels but thats about it.

Are you holding B and then pressing A? I suppose some keyboards might not like that, hadn’t considered that.

Edit: I did just confirm it works holding B with the mouse and pushing the A button on the Keyboard so you should be able to make it work.