It's for a school project

Hello everyone, I will soon present a project and I had considered arduboy. Let me explain briefly what it consists of: arduboy a game (I had thought about the pacman replication) and a rough replica, or with the wires and the connections that can be touched by hand. The only question that arises is this to me, if the games made by you can be deployed on any display.

Here I leave the display link that I intended to take:

Thanks to all !

well i highly doubt it, however before i got my arduboy i made a game with nothing more than comes in the arduino starter kit

if you used a game as reference… you could maby make something but it will be alot of effort for seemingly little

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The critical part isn’t the display, but the display controller. The arduboy uses an SSD1306 with an SPI connection. That’s what you need to run arduboy binaries. The 1306 also supports an i2C connection, and some boards do both. The 1306 in I2C mode or another controller can be made to work with a custom version of the Arduboy library, but I don’t see an advantage to that unless you happen to have a suitable one in your parts bin.

I don’t know if you can get a breakout without a screen, or how hard that would be to connect. But the SSD board+screen is cheap and available in diagonal sizes from under an inch to at least 2.4 inches.


Maybe this thread can interest you: $12 Arduboy compatible system :slight_smile:


Hi, I do not want to exaggerate by bringing projects that require a great deal of commitment, in fact I had thought of arduboy with a game designed by you and try to capture the attention of the professors. Unfortunately I do not get any ideas about it and so I can only rely on this for now …
Thank you all!

you can make a gamesystem out of what you have, ive done it with less, shoot if i had that particular lcd that wasnt already soldered to something else id probably have the code to make it work

my first “game” was made with one lcm1602c lcd a few leds 6 buttons and an arduino uno i never realy finished it because my arduboy came in the mail (and my lcd sucked) the one i have is limmited to only 8 user defined charicters
2 rows 16 charicters wide (the kind that comes with arduino starter kit)

dont give up
play with it
if you tell me wich game your trying to port i may be able to help you more (theres a couple of em i can think of that wouldnt be to hard to make work for your project

The game wich i’m trying to port is arduman (Ardu-man: (“inspired” by Pac-Man)) I think it’s perfect because it is one of the many old games loved by everyone. what do you think?

i think there are 2 ways to go about it, use that game as a reference, or try to make your system compatible with arduboy

i think recreating the game using the code from arduman would be the better way to go about it

can i see your setup

also what microcontroller are you using?

if i were you, i would start with pong, make that work then go on to something more

i wish i had one of those screens laying around so i could help more… im more visual

You will have to write your own library, but yes you should be able to adapt almost any game to use this screen!

The only problems you will have is if people use functions that require the OLED screen we use, or use 100% of the memory of the Arduboy, but that’s pretty few so you should be alright!

Let us know how it goes!

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I’m using arduboy as I have ATmega 328p (the arduino scrambled) as the microcontroller of the other arduin, with respect to the game code for now I’m using that made by “Seth” or arduman.
But the other day, seeing other games I found that of dinosaur Dino, and I saw that with this game I can link it better to the topics I have to bring.

What do you say ??