Jumping Jack

I would like to show my next game - Jumping Jack.
Originally released on the zx spectrum in 1982 by Imagine Software (Coding: Albert Ball, Graphic:Steve Blower).

jumping_jack.ino-arduboy.hex (56.8 KB)





Description: Jumping Jack is a platform game.

Left Button - Jack runs to the left
Right Button - Jack runs to the right right
A Button - Jack jumps
B Button - Jack shoots (Extended)
A Button + UP Button - exit to menu

-CLASSIC - Classic version
-EXTENDED - Jack can shoot enemies.
LEVEL: from 0 to 20 (1 Level - 1 Hazard, …, N level - N hazards on screen)
SPEED: from 1 to 5. default 2.

UNLIMITED LIVES: NO/YES - Cheat mode - Jack does not die.
INVISIBILITY - NO/YES - Cheat mode - Hazards do not stun Jack. But every touch of hazard is still counted.
EASY MODE - NO/YES - Cheat mode. Jack is not stunned after falling

INSTRUCTIONS: (Original manual)

Jack can only move upwards by jumping through the gap above but he can also
move left and right. Should he run off the edge of the screen he will wrap
around to the other edge. Should he fall down a layer he will bang his head
and remain unconscious for a period of time during which he cannot move.
Every time he arrives at the bottom of the screen unconscious he loses a
life. At each successful jump a new gap appears at random - the first three
new gaps descend then the next three ascend - up to a maximum of eight gaps.
On making a successful jump at the top layer the ‘next level’ sequence is

On level zero you can see the reflections of hazards sprites that move on level 7.
Also on line 0 you can see reflections of gaps in line 8.
You don’t have to start the game from Level 0 - you can choose the one you want.

SCORE - Get the most points (each level starts counting from 0).
TIME - Time to complete the stage.
FAILS - Number of collisions with the hazard.
HITS - Number of enemies shot down (EXTENDED MODE)

The game has been tested and it is possible to complete all levels on speed 2(default). I don’t know about other speeds.
The difficulty level has been adjusted to make the game fun.


I really love this! Fantastic job!

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I didn’t think monochrome pixels could give me nightmares but I was wrong

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What about this? :wink: