Juno First [1.01]

JunoFirst.V1.01.hex (76.0 KB)

Juno First for the Arduboy

Title_screen   ScoreTable_screen

Gameplay_screen   WaveCompleted_screen

Highscore_screen   Credit_screen

Kill each wave of attacking aliens before you fuel or health runs out. Rescue the captured astronaut to get extra points! Monitor your fuel, health and score using the scoreboard on the right of the playing field.

ArduboyRecording-2                           RefreshBrowser

Artwork and Music:           @Vampirics
Development and Bugs:   @Filmote
Source Code and Hex:       https://github.com/Press-Play-On-Tape/JunoFirst

Additional Features / Improvements

Although we are calling the game finished, they never really are. If you have any good suggestions, feedback or noticed a bug or two, please tell inform us.



Does look like a must-try. Could you please provide a .hex file also?

It’s 01:24 in @filmote’s part of Australia so he’ll probably be asleep right now.
I’m sure he won’t mind if I post a .hex here in his absence:


This is outdated, look here instead.


Thank you @Pharap!
Nice game! Fast and nice effects.

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Used it to test my python uploader and patcher and works nicely

Looks awesome on my green 2.4" OLED :slight_smile: Nice shooter @filmote @Vampirics . Those aliens move fast! this will require some more gameplay :slight_smile:


Thanks! There is still a lot of testing to do to make it as we want it but it’s getting there.
You can always have a look at the original arcade game for reference, personally i tried to make it follow the homebrew atari2600 version.


Sorry all, thanks @pharap … I now have a hex file in the releases folder for you to play with.


No need apologize, was just a question and it is a really good game.

Thanks @Nicole_Birgel … we have a number of things to polish but its getting there.


Completely unrelated but I’ve suddenly realised the similarity between polish and Polish.
Same spelling, different pronunciation (the opposite of a homophone).
English is a weird language sometimes.

What do you mean? I want to add some Eastern Europeans to the game and you bring up different pronounciations of the one word?


Dang this game is like extreme camping… it is in tents…

Very fast paced. Love it!

Did you grab it from the release folder or from the master fork? The master includes a number of improvements which we are fine tuning ready for release !

I believe the Master.

So you have fuel and shield gauges - as proper gauges not just lines as shown in the pics above? Any feedback you have would be appreciated. We did have an issue with high scores overwriting each other - I checked in a fix abit half an hour ago. You can clear high scores by pressing up and down for three seconds on the high score screen if any look weird.

A big todo - maybe this weekend - is to sort the waves out so they get progressively harder with higher scoring enemies appearing later.

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I had the proper gauges. I did not notice the highscore bug. I only played for a few minutes before I had to go to class. Ill give a proper once over and give you any feedback I have.

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I played a few games this morning and made it to wave 7. The action is fast and I really like being able to fly backwards to hunt down enemies that made it passed me. My only feedback would be maybe a visual indication with the ship if I collide with an enemy. Like a quick blink or something. My attention has not on the shield strength so I am not tracking how much I have before my ship explodes.


I am pretty sure we can accommodate you there!


OK its done! Get a fresh copy from GitHUb and you are in business!

In the Enmus.h file there are some settings:

// Do we invert the screen?
#define USE_INVERT
// Just once or multiple times

You can comment them out and see the different results. I am keen to hear your feedback!

Oops … you need to remove the underscore from _SINGLE_FLASH to actually make it a single flash. I tend to comment the defined out by putting an underscore at the front.