Just an Ardu-tease


You can’t just tease us and don’t explain what you can do with your dock, no you can’t !
We also need to know how you build it.
It looks sick, congratz !

My eyes aren’t quite well trained enough to identify the ports, but they don’t look like USB ports from that angle, so I’m guessing this is to allow other cables to be used to charge the Arduboy (e.g. phone cargers).

I could be wrong though.

i see an hdmi and 2 micro usb not shure what the slot on the side is may be some sort of a card reader?

Oh, I think it’s an SD card. I did consider that might be an HDMI slot, but that seems a bit odd.
I’m starting to think that this isn’t a power dock, it’s some kind of interface thing and there’s actually some kind of processor in the grey area.

In which case the ports on the right are probably micro USB ports and the angle is making them look weird.

Without knowing what the two ports on the right are, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the HDMI port is used for displaying the Arduboy on another screen somehow, the SD card stores games and the circuit board is capable of loading them onto the Arduboy via Serial, meaning the last two ports are either for charging or for connecting other Arduboys or Docks to facilitate multiplayer.

Which would be a very strange coincidence.

Pi zero dock for switch like abilities two USB controllers hdmi out and multiplayer link and possibly uploading sketches and multiple controller options over Bluetooth or wifi?

Am I close?

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Hahaha you guys are killing my tease.

> “Dock that increases the ram of the Arduboy and accelerates particles to 300k m/s so it slows down real life so you can finish games in less time because you basically become the flash when using the dock”

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Is it a dock to upload games without an Android device or a PC?

Is it a security anchor that stops you from throwing the arduboy across the room because the stupid penguin refused to cross the road?


Raspberry Pi HDMI mirroring is easy enough if needed…

Is it just a USB hub with a pit of laser printed plastic on top?

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Seeing as the Arduboy doesn’t have the capability to operate in USB host mode, I’d have to say this device would flash the Arduboy with the dock interface sketch once you connect it. The dock could be a PI-zero W that has access to an online clock and an arduboy hex repository. One useful utility I could imagine would be a SRAM dumper. But I think the sweetest thing to do would be to make the SRAM process automatic. Just dump the SRAM when a new sketch is selected, save it to the pi zero W, copy over the diff’d bytes of SRAM (if you are playing a game you played before) then finally upload the real game sketch.

Very cool! :smiley:


Not fair … what do you know?

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My guess is a hunk of laser printed plastic stuck on top of a generic USB hub?

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Oh I don’t know anything, I was just spoilering it because I thought it’s funny!

Bugger … thought you had inside info!

By the way, can you read the blurred text through the spoiler filter? I think they need to blur it more, it’s kind of too easy to read!

Not when its blurry … but you only have to click on it for it to be rendered clearly.

You nailed it hahah but… I am having problems because the zero w reboots when hotplugging due the simple design of the usb


This sounds fantastic … would you consider releasing the details when done? Maybe you can build a kit for others to build??