Just an Ardu-tease

That is the idea. Also my software is going to be not completely polished.

I am just trying to fix the hardware issues.

Seems stable now.

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To be honest I think they should make it just blank out completely with a grey box over top instead of going for some fancy filtering mechanic. I think this is a case of style over substance.

If you github the code I’m sure there will be people here willing to post bug reports, fork it and supply bug fixes.

Also is that grey goo chewing gum or some kind of thermally resistant adhesive?
(Although I’m sure ‘thermally resistant adhesive’ probably describes chewing gum too.)

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Epoxy. I broke the inductor :roll_eyes:

@eried wow! super high quality! Really impressed. Making me wonder how much a mold would cost and if anyone would buy them :wink:

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The major problem I see, is getting pi zeros in bulk.

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Would leave that part up to you, no interest in reselling those lil things :slight_smile: If we could get the dock stocked by adafruit and pimoroni then you could buy at the same time. But I’m not really sure the demand would be high enough for these. We would want to make several thousand to make a mold worth it.

Will consider for next kickstarter :wink:

Could always try to find an alternative board - ARM boards are generally pretty good.
Would probably mean lots of custom software though.

If it could be 3D printed you could always just publish a 3D printer file and get people to print it with their nearest local 3D printer place. (I don’t know how widespread a practice that is yet, but there are people in my town who will 3D print models for people for a small fee - materials, time and labour costs.)

Pizero seems like massive overkill for an arduboy dock. Hard to beat the price though.

I have gotten usb hosting working on one of these: http://www.nxp.com/products/software-and-tools/hardware-development-tools/freedom-development-boards/freedom-development-platform-for-kinetis-kl3x-and-kl4x-mcus:FRDM-KL46Z.

If one were to design a dedicated dock board, a Kinetis MCU would be a good choice.


I see it’s ARM based…
*ignores everything else about it, likes - totally not biased towards ARM*

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Looking pretty good … looks like you have a graveyard of previous attempts in the background.


I really like the design!

Great idea, @eried!
I would love to see this, if one of the developers could put this on the market.

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