Just got my Arduboy in the mail!

I haven’t been able to use it yet because I had to rush to work but this thing looks and feels awesome!

Just one question and concern, I saw the clear tape stuff around the buttons on the inside of the case is peeling. Can I open it up and just peel it off or does it serve a purpose? (Im one of those people who would seriously be bothered by this -.-)

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The tape holds down the dome contacts for the buttons, you could remove the tape but you would have to put more tape down to hold them in place, and you risk damaging them.

Thanks for the reply! I figured that’s what it’s purpose was and for that I guess I’ll leave it, it just really bugs me that the corners are peeling and even when I opened it and tried to push them down they won’t stick

The PCB is marked white at the corners where the tape is supposed to line up. Maybe that is what you are seeing and it is not actually peeling up?

Definitely peeling unfortunately. Anybody have suggestions for a fix?

This is the kind of issue that @bateske / @Celinebins is going to want to jump on!


It is possible one of the corners is lifted up some. It should still function. You can easily open it up with a screwdriver and press the adhesive film down if it’s bothering you.

Caution: the buttons can fall out when you open it up so make sure you have the clear case face down on the table when removing the back.

If it’s really a problem for you and you can’t resolve it yourself message the contact form and we can try to help you directly.