Just got my Arduboy - What Game Should I Make? + Giving Away My Concept Images!

(Miloslav Číž) #1

Hello, my Arduboy arrived yesterday, I’m currently playing around and getting familiar. It’s awesome. I’m planning on making games, but have an option paralysis - so many ideas. What would you like to see? Some of my ideas:

  • AdvanceWars (GameBoy) clone.
  • Pokémon clone - ambitious project, probably for later.
  • GTA 1 clone.
  • Laser Ninjas - Bomberman clone, similar to this project of mine. I already have some 16x16 graphics, but would probably have to be scaled down to 8x8 to give better situation awareness. Could a nice AI be written?
  • Steamer Duck - port of this game of mine.
  • Raycasting FPS in the style of Wolfenstein/Doom.
  • PowderToy clone - could this work with the lack of color and performance?
  • Tamagotchi clone with Tux.

Feel free to expand on these ideas, suggest your own or just write any interesting words :slight_smile:

Also here are my concept images so far. I give them away under CC0 - feel free to use them in any way you want (I appreciate credit, but not needed). Just let me know you’re using them so that we don’t work on the same game in parallel :slight_smile:



Oh, and a tower defense! We need a tower defense.

(Kyle) #2

Since ArduWars and FPS raycasting game are in the making and look amazing, I will cast my new vote to GTA 1. Can’t wait to see what happens though! Really need to start learning to code, have a few ideas I want to try!

(Pedro) #3

Welcome to this community! A GTA1 clone would be great! My preference would go to an Advance Wars clone but I know that there are 2 ongoing projects.

Games I would like to see on the Arduboy:

  • Soccer game
  • Car Racing Game (Super Sprint)
  • ArduValley/Harvest Moon

(Pharap) #4

We did have someone start an FPS project a while back, but we haven’t heard from them in a while.
(Though if you want fixed point artihmetic to help with that, I know exactly where you can get your hands on an easy to use fixed point arithmetic library.)

There’s already an AdvanceWars style game in the pipeline,
but the main author is currently bogged down with ‘real life’ things.

We had a discussion about a Pokemon clone a while back.

We’ve already got a Tamagotchi clone (technically it’s a port of a tamagotchi-tyle thing for Arduino boards in general).

I’m not sure if we’ve got a bomberman clone or not so that might be interesting.

Porting Steamer Duck would probably be the most original option.

I had to double check that was actually dithering.
It makes for a very convicing grey at the right scale.

(Nicole Birgel) #5

As far as i remember we had something similar to bomberman🤔
I would like to see an advance wars attempt, but pokemon or fps are of course great, but very ambitious projects as well.

(Miloslav Číž) #6

So much great stuff!

Soccer game

Yes, great idea! Let me think about it :slight_smile:

Car Racing Game

I loved Trackamina, maybe a similar game would be nice. It would be great if users could save records of their runs and then compete for world records etc. – but don’t know if this would be doable. The replays would have to be saved in EEPROM and then somehow downloaded into PC.

I’ll take a few days to just play games but will be thinking the ideas through.

(Daniel Champagne) #7

Really good to offer free images! I thank you for the community!

(Nicole Birgel) #8

Personally i really miss a pinball game.

(Miloslav Číž) #9

Personally i really miss a pinball game.

Another good idea! The display dimension would be a challenge though.

Really good to offer free images! I thank you for the community!

You’re welcome. You can find more at my OGA account. I share everything under CC0. Hope you don’t mind this shameless self-advertisement :slight_smile:


I think it is still a ‘work in progress’, but:

(Boti Kis) #11

Well said @Pharap. :slight_smile:
@drummyfish if you could image to jump in to the middle of the development of a game I would gladly invite you to help with Arduwars. :wink:

(Nicole Birgel) #12

Yes, thank you, i have seen this, but because it isn’t on Team Args WIP section, i don‘t know if it is still a thing…

(Holmes) #13

So many cool ideas for the Arduboy still floating around!

I actually wrote an article about the 5 kinds of games I’d die for on the Arduboy in the latest issue of the Arduboy Magazine.

I think a pinball game would be cool, but GTA,as suggested in the original post, would be my first pick. If you could make a game with similar gameplay, that would be awesome.

Check out the rest of the e-zine, here:

(Miloslav Číž) #14

OMG :open_mouth: That’s exactly what I imagined. I have no problem with joining an ongoing project. The problem for me is rather GitHub - I left that place and don’t want to come back. But There are ways around that I guess, I could simply send you patches or something. I’ll go check the project out.

I actually wrote an article about the 5 kinds of games I’d die for on the Arduboy in the latest issue of the Arduboy Magazine.

Thanks for the link, going to check it out.

but GTA, as suggested in the original post, would be my first pic.

That’s what I’ve been leaning towards :slight_smile:

(Scott) #15

As long as you don’t object to interacting with GitHub only to the extent of pulling updates, this shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t think you’d need an account on GitHub for this. A git repository is a git repository no matter where it’s hosted.

You could clone and sync the GitHub repository to your local copy, make changes and then push them to your own remote git repository, hosted wherever you wish. You would then inform @Botisaurus, or whoever you’re working with, that changes are available on branch xxx of your remote repository. @Botisaurus could then merge these changes to his own local copy and then push to his GitHub repository.

(Miloslav Číž) #16

Playing around with Tiled editor and the GTA idea.

(Miloslav Číž) #17

Just now looking at the memory limits of Arduboy and wondering whether I’d be able to fit in all the sprites plus a let’s say 100 x 100 map :expressionless: You can compress, but then you have to uncompress into RAM, which is much smaller than the flash. I could get rid of some sprites, e.g. the buildings inner corners and go only for rectangle buildings. I’ll also have to fit in other graphics such as cars etc though.

A lot of stuff is symmetric, e.g. cars are left-right symmetric and the rotations are 8 symmetric, some tiles are just transformations of other tiles etc. So I could save space there, but that’s additional code and complexity.

I’ve been thinking about having different parts of the city with different tilesets (at least some of the tiles) for some diversity. Then if you e.g. cross a bridge into another part of the city, the appropriate tileset gets uncompressed into RAM in the place of the previous tileset.

Also Arduino doesn’t have floating point, right? Are there any other limitations? Standard library etc.? Will have to Google (DuckDuckGo actually) a bit :slight_smile:

This is definitely a different kind of programming I’ve been used to. I never really had to care about these limitations. But I like it, gives you a new view at life :slight_smile:


I’ll be just throwing my thoughts onto this thread, will use it as a development journal for myself and others. Feel free to ignore :slight_smile:

The map wouldn’t actually have to be that big, it might consist of let’s say three “submaps” - most likely islands connected by bridges. The rest would be filled with water.

(Holmes) #18

One of the beet things about the Arduboy is it challenges the way you think regardless if you are new or an experienced programmer! There are a lot of limitations but a lot of interesting, and some old-school, techniques for dealing with interesting situations. Check out this post for some ideas:

For map limitations, you can chunk sections to save space.

(Miloslav Číž) #19

Thank you for the link :slight_smile:

For map limitations, you can chunk sections to save space.

Nice! I think it would also be possible to use e.g. RLE, or something like sparse matrices etc.

There are a lot of limitations but a lot of interesting, and some old-school, techniques for dealing with interesting situations.

Yes! I’ve indeed heard about these techniques, watched some videos on how old hardware worked etc., but always viewed it as something of a past. Now I’m dealing with it myself. It’s definitely exciting!

(Simon) #20

I have used a simple RLE algorithm to decompress levels in Lode Runner and Space Cab and was pleasantly surprised at how much the levels compressed down.

I have a level editor in the Lode Runner repo that uses an Excel spreadsheet to design the levels and thumps out the compressed level data via a macro. The link locations are in the provided links.