Just got my Arduboy - What Game Should I Make? + Giving Away My Concept Images!

(Pharap) #41

From one skeleton to another:

(Liam) #42

Thanks Pharap! :slight_smile:

(Miloslav Číž) #43

Another game inspiration:

It’s a physics-based, simple to learn, hard to master kind of game played with only two buttons - accelerate and slow down. There are planets with gravitational pull and you have to fly your rocket through checkpoints and into the finish.

Probably wouldn’t be so hard to implement, could make use of the fixed point library, but normal FP would probably work too, there’s only the rocket to simulate.

If anyone feels like going for it, feel free :slight_smile: Otherwise I’ll keep it on my to-make list.

(Miloslav Číž) #44

Progress update: have some menus, healthbars, upgradeable towers, added a big :spider: that spawns two small ones when killed :face_with_monocle:


(Miloslav Číž) #45

Nearing finish with the tower defense!

Meanwhile I’m releasing all my graphics so far at OpenGameArt :slight_smile:

(Stephane C) #46

Can’t wait to try out your Tower Defense game!

Great job on the tile sets!

(Miloslav Číž) #47

So it’s finally out!

Thinking about what to do next. I will probably keep working on ArduRPG, but need some original projects too.

How about an ebook reader? Could we fit Alice in Wonderland on Arduboy? It has 173 kb in plain text. With lossy compression maybe? We could discard the case (lowercase/uppercase) information, then make each letter after a period upper case and all the rest lowercase (or just simply render everything uppercase, KISS). Also throw away unfrequent characters like exclamation marks, maybe even replace all numeric chars with words, dashes with commas etc… Then use standard dictionary and whatever compressions and stuff it all into both progmem plus RAM. It would probably be a Python script that would generate a *.ino file with the chosen book.

The ultimate achievement would be to fit the Bible in there, but I don’t think there are compression methods powerful enough to do that. It has a few MB.

EDIT: Going to extremes we could replace words with synonyms and leave out letters like x, q, y, w (replace with ks, kv, i, v). That’s where it could start becoming unreadable.

Yeah, let’s create JPEG for plain text :smiley:


I would guess that the best way to compress a novel would be to make a list of all the unique words, and assign a number to each word, and then replace all the words with single numbers, followed by the list of words to replace the numbers with. I’ve never tried this, though…

(Miloslav Číž) #49

That’s exactly how it’s done, it’s called dictionary compression, but there are also additional things atop of that. You should pay attention to assign the shortest numbers to the most frequent words. You can also additionally compress the dictionary and the sequence of numbers representing the words.

(Some smarter methods actually learn to predict which words come next, and then only the errors of this prediction are saved… Similar approach is used e.g. to compress human voice in mobile phones.)